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Crisis Communication and Management

——   Created by Prakash Prasad

Be in charge when life becomes tough.. 5 Real Case Studies, 25+ Lectures...

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Crisis is unexpected and unforeseen events. this is different from risk. its appearance is unknown and can create devastating impact. the impact last for a very very long period. Crisis management and crisis management planning can protect organizations against complete failure if (when) a catastrophic Crisis occurs.

Companies have lost Billions of Dollars due to lack of awareness and training on crisis management and crisis communication.

Cost of poor communication is approx. $37 Billion...

Source: Provokemedia

  1. Do you have a crisis plan?
  2. Do you have a message and communication team and channel ready?
  3. Do you have a company spokesperson?
  4. Do you have a plan to communicate with the stake holders, media, external agencies?
  5. Do you have a social media response team?
  6. Do you have a road map for response time?
  7. Do you know how to communicate in crisis?
  8. Do you have a sop and a flexible sop?
  9. Do you have the checklist for crisis management?

Do you have answers to these tough questions?  If no, Then probably this is for you.

What you'll learn:

  • What is a Crisis?
  • Case Studies of Crisis & Lesson Learned
  • Are you prepared to deal with crisis?
  • Different Types of Emotions
  • Classification of Crisis
  • The 6 Essence of Crisis
  • Crisis Cycle Identification
  • How do you identify (Crisis)?
  • Disaster management 
  • Crisis Management
  • Is Crisis Management Plan necessary?
  • Key Questions on Crisis
  • Steps in Crisis Management
  • The 5 Foundations of Crisis Management ‘MBA RL’
  • 23 Do’s and Don’ts: Response to Crisis
  • Crisis Team Formation
  • Crisis Management Plan (template)
  • Key Factors of Crisis Management
  • Emergency Checklist & Drill
  • Crisis Communication
  • 5 C’s of Crisis Communication
  • Stages of Crisis Communication
  • 10 Rules for Crisis Communication
  • Social Media Crisis Response Plan
  • Communication on Social Media
  • Handel Difficult Communication / People
  • Effective Crisis Communication
  • Communication Channels
  • 10 Easy Steps to Lead through a Crisis
  • 14 ways to manage customer complaints
  • 11 ways to deal with Criticism
  • Have ‘RACI Model’ in Place
  • Conduct ‘RAID’ and Check your ‘RADAR

28 Lessons

3 mins
crisis management crisis communication
free preview
4 mins
introduction to crisis management and case study i
free preview
2 mins
crisis mgt case study ii
2 mins
crisis mgt case study iii
2 mins
crisis mgt case study iv
2 mins
why there was crisis
2 mins
roart model of crisis
4 mins
emotions during crisis and types of crisis
2 mins
the 6 essense of crisis
3 mins
how to identify crisis
1 min
disaster management
6 mins
disaster management vs crisis management
1 min
the 5 foundations of crisis management
3 mins
23 dos and donts in response to crisis
2 mins
emergency drill and bcp
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