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Crochet Silent Book for Babies

——   Created by Emese Liliom

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Here is a very special handmade gift for babies!

If you are familiar with the basic crochet stitches, you can confidently start this course. If you are not, I would like to recommend my starter course: Crochet Basics - with the help of this starter course, you can be ready in couple of days for making this picture book.

This book is a fabulous special hand-made gift for new-born babies, for mothers with very small children, or for your little baby.

The theme is the Four Seasons, therefore absolutely unisex. Whether it is a girl or boy, fits them both, so you can start this project safely way before their sex turns out.

On the 'spring' page we will make a rainbow above the meadow with cute little flowers.

The 'summer' page a friendly sun is smiling at us,

On the 'autumn' page, it's raining, so we take out purple umbrella out,

And finally on the 'winter' page we will make a snowman, and to make sure he won't be cold, we make him a warm scarf too. ;)

If you follow my recommendation in terms of yarn, this picture book is safe to use with small children and can be washed in washing machine. Also by buying the recommended pack, it will be economical, despite the variety of colors we will use.

It will be a detailed work to do, but I can guarantee, that your efforts will be appreciated!

Let's start it!


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What will you need
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Spring pattern explanation
7 mins
Spring creating the base
15 mins
4 mins
7 mins
Preparation for the assembly
15 mins
Sewing the items
2 mins
Summer pattern explanation
7 mins
Summer creating the base
7 mins
3 mins
5 mins
Sewing the elements
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Emese Liliom
Emese Liliom
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I am an e-learning, marketing and business specialist, and also a scuba diving instructor. I have learned to crochet from my mum in early ages, …

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