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CRUSH Smartphone Video: How to Do it Right!

——   Created by Storm Pierce

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Increase the quality of your smartphone videos using techniques anyone can use. 

We’ll cover:

* How to properly light your subject

* Making your video stable

* Recording crisp audio

* Creative angles & video transitions

* Affordable accessories to consider

I’ll show you my process start to finish... and how I’ve used my smartphone to build a following on YouTube with thousands of viewers. 

Need to check out those inexpensive accessories to level up your videos? I’ve got you! Here’s the Smartphone Adapter that works with a tripod to secure your phone, as well as the Lavalier Microphone for better audio.

The course project

Create a video you were able to make using your smartphone and any of the techniques you chose to use! Feel free to shoot a vlog, a video of your family, anything that you’re interested in! Have fun and find ways to level up your smartphone video by thinking outside the box and getting creative! 

7 Lessons

1 min
3 mins
Common Mistakes to Avoid
3 mins
Lighting Your Scene
3 mins
Step Up Your Audio
3 mins
Getting Stable Footage
2 mins
Creative Transitions & Accessories
1 min
Outro & Class Project!

About the instructor

Storm Pierce
Storm Pierce
  • 13 courses

Hey there! I'm Storm.

I'm a YouTuber and Freelance Photographer. Thanks for checking out my profile!

I have a passion for using inexpensive gear to …

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