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Cryptocurrency Masterclass | Investing & Trading Strategies

——   Created by Jason Gandy

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Are you ready to step into the exciting world of cryptocurrency?

Welcome to the 'Cryptocurrency | Wallets, Investing & Tradingmasterclass!

Discover everything you need to get started with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This in-depth course will provide the knowledge you need to understand cryptocurrency, and how to start building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. As cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity around the world, many people are starting to take notice of this innovative technology. Blockchain technology is a revolutionary invention that will completely​ change the way we make transactions.

What’s Inside:

● Introduction To Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

● How to Purchase Cryptocurrency

● Cryptocurrency Wallet Types & Storage

● How To Use Cryptocurrency

● Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies

● Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

● And Tons More!

Whether you're a beginner looking to make your first cryptocurrency purchase, or an experienced cryptocurrency investor looking to learn new trading & investing strategies,​ this masterclass is for you!

How To Purchase Cryptocurrency

Learn the best methods to safely purchase your cryptocurrency.

There are now many ways available to purchase cryptocurrency. Follow along step-by-step as we go through the process of purchasing cryptocurrency in a variety of methods, ​from online exchanges to bitcoin ATMs!

Purchasing Cryptocurrency:

● Learn about bitcoin & other cryptocurrency types

● Get started on Coinbase

● Online exchanges for cryptocurrency

● Purchasing from a bitcoin ATM

● And More!

Let’s build your cryptocurrency portfolio the right way!

Cryptocurrency Wallet Storage

Select the right wallet to securely store your cryptocurrency.

Learn how to use various wallet types to securely store bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. There are multiple cryptocurrency wallet options available to choose from to store your cryptocurrency.

Explore the​ features & benefits​ of each wallet type, so you can decide which option is best for you​. The wallet type you select will depend on the cryptocurrency investing strategy you wish to implement.

Setting up a cryptocurrency wallet ​can be a​ frustrating process to attempt alone. Follow me through the entire process of adding cryptocurrency to each wallet type, so you can ​easily secure your cryptocurrency​.

Wallets Types Include:

● Hardware Wallets

● Desktop Wallets

● Paper Wallets

● and More!

Cryptocurrency Investing For Beginners

Learn strategic cryptocurrency investing methods to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio at the best prices possible.

I share multiple cryptocurrency investing strategies that you can use to strategically accumulate & invest in cryptocurrency. Investing strategies such as dollar cost averaging​ and diversification ​will help you build a solid long term cryptocurrency portfolio.

Other investing topics we will discuss include how to invest in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and even basic terminology used by cryptocurrency investors & traders!

Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies Include:

● Averaging In

● Contrarian Investing

● Diversification

● and More!

How To Trade Cryptocurrency

Discover how to use proven technical analysis strategies for cryptocurrency trading.

Learn how to implement basic technical analysis strategies to use for cryptocurrency trading. I demonstrate multiple trading strategies​, such as how to analyze cryptocurrency charts, and use various technical indicators such as ​moving averages & the MACD​ for cryptocurrency trading.

Whether you're a long term investor or short term day trader, these strategies will help you make more profitable trading decisions - ​buy low & sell high with technical trading!

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies Include:

● Top trading mistakes made by beginners

● Read & analyze cryptocurrency charts

● Technical indicators for cryptocurrency trading

● Cryptocurrency trading tips & strategies

● and More!

[ Bonus ] Earn Free Cryptocurrency With Steemit

Learn how to earn free cryptocurrency by blogging!

As a bonus, we will go over how to get started on Steemit, where you can earn ​free cryptocurrency by blogging!

Steemit is an innovative platform that utilizes block chain technology​. It’s a social platform where users post blogs on a variety of topics, and actually ​get paid for each post! The more engagement your blog post receives, ​the more cryptocurrency you will earn.

Learn how to create your Steemit account, and start blogging about your favorite topics​ to earn free cryptocurrency!

Get Started Today!

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow each year. Don’t be late to the party, and get started with cryptocurrency today!

I encourage you to take a moment to check out the course curriculum &​ free preview videos,so you can see all of the valuable information we will be covering. If you enroll now, you will finally have the knowledge you need​ to start building your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Enroll now and let’s get started...

See you in the course! Jason G 

46 Lessons

2 mins
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3 mins
Welcome to the Course
free preview
2 mins
What we will Cover
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Introduction to Cryptocurrency
5 mins
Why Cryptocurrency?
3 mins
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Essentials
5 mins
Cryptocurrency key events from 2017
Missing: Top 10 coin market overview
4 mins
The future of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency
Purchasing Cryptocurrency
3 mins
Purchase Cryptocurrency - Section Overview
4 mins
Create Your Coinbase Account - Cryptocurrency Exchange
8 mins
Make Your First Cryptocurrency Purchase - Coinbase Tools & Features
5 mins
Coinbase Mobile App - Download & Review
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This course was a lot. To be more specific, it was very fleshed out and covered a LOT of topics. My only gripe is that I wish it had gone into more specific examples. Great course.

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