Cryptocurrency/Forex/Stock market Trading with Elliot waves

——   Created by Bobby B
6h 04m of on-demand video

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  • Bobby B
    Bobby B

    Professional Cryptocurrency Trader and Trading coach

  • Biography

    When I entered the trading business I was my own teacher.

    Reading books, watching videos on youtube, reading articles and browsing Twitter. I was spending all my time to study and still I was struggling and losing money ...

    It was so frustrating...

    One day I came up to a quote by a guy named Ben Johnson. "He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master." This clicked in my mind. One of those "AHA" moments.

    Since then I always get mentors. Why I do this? Because these people are already where I want to be so they know the road ahead! They know where the rough roads are and they know where highway is. They know the shortcuts. They are giving me huge power.

    The power to anticipate.

    Winners anticipate, Losers react.

    So let me be your mentor and help you reach your destination much faster!

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    Course content

    16 mins
    Deep learning
    free preview
    Risk Management
    4 mins
    Intro to the course
    free preview
    2 mins
    Introduction to risk management
    4 mins
    What is risk management?
    19 mins
    Why risk management is so important
    18 mins
    Why you have to manage your risk
    12 mins
    My risk management system
    9 mins
    You can't progress in something you can't measure
    2 mins
    Elliot Waves
    3 mins
    Introduction to the module
    7 mins
    Two types of waves (impulsive and corrective)
    5 mins
    Two types of waves ( impulsive and corrective) continuation
    9 mins
    Rules for valid elliot wave structure
    3 mins
    How to mark elliot waves properly
    5 mins
    The rule of alternation
    21 mins
    All types of corrective patterns
    8 mins
    Double and triple combos
    8 mins
    abcde triangles
    7 mins
    abcde triangles part 2
    6 mins
    Double and triple tops and bottoms
    7 mins
    Third waves vs c waves
    14 mins
    Leading 1st and ending 5th wave diagonnals
    10 mins
    How to use fibonacci retracement tool
    4 mins
    Fibonacci retracement tool
    11 mins
    How to use fibonacci extensions tool
    36 mins
    Elliot waves are on all timeframes
    15 mins
    How to trade with elliot waves
    10 mins
    How to trade a waves
    26 mins
    Longterm elliot wave analysis on bitcoin
    18 mins
    Habits beliefs of successful traders
    35 mins
    How to know when to take profits
    6 mins
    Hull moving average
    21 mins
    Momentum play with multiple timeframes

    What you'll learn


    My name is Bobby B and I am a full time trader. I am trading full time since 2017 and I have plenty of experience in this field.

    In "Trading with Elliot waves" class I am going to teach you how I trade successfully with Elliot waves so you can do that too!

    You will learn:

    1.Theoretical part:

    -The 2 types of waves ( impulsive and corrective)

    -How to identify waves within waves

    -All types of corrective patterns

    -ABCDE triangles

    -Double/triple tops and bottoms in elliot wave`s perspective

    -The rule of Alternation

    -Rules for a valid Elliot wave structure

    -Leading 1st wave and Ending 5th wave Diagonals

    2.How do I trade (practical part):

    -How to trade 3rd waves and C waves

    -How to trade 5th waves

    -How to trade A waves

    -How to set targets

    -How to use Fibonacci retracement tool

    -How to use Fibonacci extension tool

    -How to incorporate RSI and MACD

    You will participate in a class project where you will practice identifying Elliot waves.

    My class is for anyone! From beginners to advanced traders.

    My requirements to you are to have at least basic understanding of trading with technical analysis.