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Cupping Massage Mastery

——   Created by Morgan Sutherland

Learn Basic to Advanced Silicone Cupping Therapy in 2022

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1h 18m
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Welcome to the Cupping Massage Mastery course, where you will learn how to integrate the modern adaptation of cupping therapy using silicone cups into a massage session.

Performing advanced bodywork techniques such as Myofascial Release and Trigger Point therapy has never been simpler thanks to Cupping Massage.

Your Instructor

Morgan Sutherland has been a certified massage therapist for over 20 years, and since 2005, he's been successfully combining deep tissue massage and cupping to treat chronic pain and sports injuries.

If you're looking for a way to enhance your massage sessions, get amazing 5-star reviews and quickly fill up your appointment calendar, then you need to add cupping massage techniques to your modality toolbox.

Are you Looking for a Simple and Applicable Course for Cupping Massage Techniques?

This course is a perfect match for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and health professionals who want to learn a versatile healing modality that will help them go deeper without straining their bodies.

This Cupping Course is definitely for you if:

  • You want to learn how to integrate silicone cupping therapy into a massage session.
  • Feel confident applying cupping safety protocols knowing the common contraindications, and effortlessly explaining cupping marks to clients, so they keep coming back and refer their friends.
  • You want to grow your practice, charge more, and attract a broader spectrum of clients with a wider variety of conditions.
  • Stand out from the crowded marketplace of bodyworkers by mastering a proven healing modality that's a go-to recovery treatment for Olympic gold medalists, professional athletes, and A-list celebrities!

Here's a Taste of What You'll Learn:

  • You'll learn over a dozen cupping massage techniques (such as Paraspinal Release and Reverse Pin and Stretch) that are guaranteed to let you go deeper and get even faster results than just deep tissue massage alone.
  • You'll learn step-by-step cupping treatments for various chronic pain conditions such as rotator cuff strain, tennis elbow, knee pain, low back pain, and sciatica.
  • You'll learn effective sports injury protocols for the lower extremities that will keep athletic clients performing better and injury-free.

The Ideal Student

The ideal student for this course is a massage therapist, bodyworker, or other health professionals who want to learn a versatile healing modality that will allow them to:

  • Do deeper work and get excellent results without causing discomfort to their client.
  • Save their hands from strain, injury, and fatigue while still having fun and growing their practice.


  • The only pre-requisites for joining the course are that you're a professionally licensed bodyworker or healthcare professional or have a passion for helping people relieve pain and optimize their health.

36 Lessons

3 mins
Top 3 Benefits of Cupping
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A Brief History of Cupping
6 mins
A Brief History of Cupping
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A Word About Cupping Marks
3 mins
A Word About Cupping Marks
Cupping Benefits
3 mins
Cupping Benefits
Cupping Massage Techniques
2 mins
Applying and Removing The Silicone Cups
1 min
Light Friction Without Suction
2 mins
Single Paraspinal Release
2 mins
Double Paraspinal Release
2 mins
Single Cup Lift and Twist
1 min
Double Cup Lift & Twist
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About the instructor

Morgan  Sutherland

Since becoming a professional massage therapist in 2000, Morgan has consistently helped thousands of clients manage their back pain with a combination of deep tissue …

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