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Cyanotypes: Introduction to Botanical Art Prints - Create Ready to Hang Art

——   Created by LaurieAnne Gonzalez

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In this 14 minute class you will learn how to create unique pieces of art using plants from your garden and the sun! This class is for students of all skill levels and requires zero artistic ability. Join LaurieAnne Gonzalez of Laurie Anne Art as she teaches you how to create beautiful, 'ready to hang', blue and white artwork for your home!

In this class you will learn:

  • What a Cyanotype is
  • Supplies Needed to make Cyanotypes
  • How to prepare your supplies
  • How to prepare the paper
  • What kind of plants to use
  • Use the Sun with your plants to create your art
  • Rinse and dry your prints
  • End up with beautiful artwork ready to hang on your wall!

Learn more from Laurie Anne here.

What you need *:

Cyanotype Solution

Watercolor Paper

Painters Tape

Paint Brushes

Clothes line



Plexi - Glass

Field Sketch Board

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The course project

For your class project, I want you to experiment with a variety of plants and try atleast 4 different compositions:

Single Plant Stem - This is a very easy and simple composition that always looks good. 

Flower - Flowers print really interesting in the sun. You can get a variety of shades and shapes. 

Bouquet/Collage - This is a fun way to get a really interesting piece with a lot of different texture and design. 

Pattern - Use leaves or flower petals to create a pattern.

Have fun with it! Prepare several pieces of paper so you can try a bunch of different compositions. When you complete your project, upload it to the "Your Project" tab so I can see what you created! I hope you enjoy this project and have some lovely new art for your home! In the words of the great Bob Ross, "there are no mistakes, just happy accidents".

9 Lessons

1 min
free preview
1 min
What is Cyanotype?
free preview
3 mins
Supplies needed
4 mins
Preparing the Supplies
2 mins
Prepping the Paper
2 mins
Gather your Plants
2 mins
2 mins
Rinse and Repeat
1 min
Final Thoughts

About the instructor

It you!

Hi Friends! I’m LaurieAnne and I am a full time painter in Phoenix, AZ. I mainly work in acrylic to capture all of my travels in …

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