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Cybersecurity in 90 Minutes

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Securing IT Systems for any Organization

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This course aims to point out the security essentials for any given IT organization. The course enables students to setup a secure base from scratch or review an existing security skeleton for their IT environments. The course targets the IT security beginners as well as professionals to enrich their knowledge about cyber security and to pursue their career in such field. The course material is based on my understanding of several IT security curricula such as SANS, CEH, etc..

The course is meant to be brief to fit security specialists, IT admins, and developers

It is imperative that all of any organization personnel be trained on the proper cybersecurity procedures. Staff should be aware of potential cyber interference or hacking attempts, and this is what is offered in this course as awareness and knowledge.

Many times cyber threats come from partners within your supply-chain network. In order to increase efficiency in the logistics industry, you and those in your network must access shared online platforms. Therefore, you need to be cognizant of new vulnerabilities that may arise. Even though you cannot control others’ security measures, you can choose to work with partners that conduct regular security audits or have external security certifications. You could also devise a contract that requires your partners to adhere to basic cybersecurity measures and that is what this course tries to help you to plan and figure out the right way to do.

10 Lessons

10 mins
Securing Passwords
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10 mins
Securing Operating Systems
11 mins
10 mins
Securing Wireless Networks
9 mins
Securing Switches
11 mins
IDS, IPS, and Honeypots
8 mins
Securing Routers
9 mins
6 mins
8 mins
Physical Security

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Mohammad Adly

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Dr. Mohammad Adly, Ph. D. Networks and Cybersecurity


Ph. D., “Enhanced Congestion Control for Internet Media Traffic”, Computer Engineering and Sciences Dept., Faculty of …

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