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Cybersecurity Incident Handling and Response

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Handling and Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents

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This course covers the six phases of incident handling and responding as follows:

0- Introduction: Includes the definition of an event, incident, as well as the difference between them

1- Preparation Phase: Shows the elements of preparation and the team building, 

2- Identification Phase: Demonstrates where identification occurs and the assessment for identification

3- Containment: Explains the deployment and categorization needed as well as the short/long- term actions taken

4- Eradication: Stresses on restoring systems and improving defenses

5- Recovery: Elaborates the validation and monitoring required for attacked systems

6- Lessons Learned: Confirms the importance of meeting as a team to fix and improve and to share our experiences with others

The course targets cybersecurity officers and incident handlers, and the material requires only basic IT knowledge and a little of cybersecurity background.

It is worth noting that incident response is a structured approach to handle various types of security incidents, cyber threats, and data breaches. The incident response methodology aims to identify, contain, and minimize the cost of a cyberattack or a live incident. A well-built incident response (IR) plan can fix a potential vulnerability to prevent future attacks, but it is not the sum game. Response is a part of Incident Handling which in turn looks at the logistics, communications, synchronicity, and planning required to resolve an incident.

10 Lessons

7 mins
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8 mins
Preparation Phase 1
7 mins
Preparation Phase 2
7 mins
Identification Phase 1
8 mins
Identification Phase 2
5 mins
Containment Phase 1
6 mins
Containment Phase 2
5 mins
Eradication Phase
6 mins
Recovery Phase
6 mins
Lessons Learned Phase

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Ph. D., “Enhanced Congestion Control for Internet Media Traffic”, Computer Engineering and Sciences Dept., Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menoufiya University, 2006 - 2013.  

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