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Dagger Hilt Dependency Injection Masterclass

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Master the skill of dependency injection with dagger hilt

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6h 22m
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More about this course

Hilt is a dependency injection library for Android that reduces the boilerplate of doing manual dependency injection in your project. Doing manual dependency injection requires you to construct every class and its dependencies by hand, and to use containers to reuse and manage dependencies.

Hilt provides a standard way to use DI in your application by providing containers for every Android class in your project and managing their lifecycles automatically. Hilt is built on top of the popular DI library Dagger to benefit from the compile-time correctness, runtime performance, scalability, and Android Studio support that Dagger provides. For more information

In the masterclass course we will learn from the basic to advance topic on Hilt. In first section we will learn about the basic concept then we will move on to create a full note taking app using the Hilt with MVVM architecture. By the end on the course, you will be confident using the Hilt dependency injection in your own application.

The course is for any one who has some basic knowledge about the android development with Kotlin. If you are a complete beginner in android development, please check out my other beginner friendly course. I hope you will enjoy learning the Hilt in this course.

The course project

What you’ll learn
  • Kotlin
  • Hilt
  • Dependency Injection
  • Retrofit
  • Room
  • MVVM

38 Lessons

Hilt Introduction
4 mins
Hilt Basic
free preview
10 mins
Hilt Dependencies and Setup
free preview
17 mins
Hilt Field and Constructor Injection
free preview
13 mins
Hilt Module and Bind Annotation
15 mins
Hilt Module and Provides Annotation
14 mins
Provide Multiple Bindings With Qualifier
6 mins
Hilt Components
7 mins
Hilt Components Lifecycle
11 mins
Hilt Component Scopes
15 mins
Hilt Component Hierarchy
7 mins
Hilt Predefined Qualifiers
20 mins
Hilt Fragment Constructor Injection
8 mins
Fragment Replace Another Fragment
25 mins
Hilt ViewModel Constructor Injection
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