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Data Center Essentials: General Introduction

——   Created by John Peterson

Where the cloud and the internet lives

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2h 41m
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Learn the basics to enter into the world of data centers, the fastest growing sector in the design and construction industry. By the end you will know the lingo and more about data centers than 90% of those in the industry. 

From Google to Microsoft, 5G to blockchain, selfies to self-driving, the internet is expected to become an even bigger part of our lives - and it's all supported by a growing legion of mammoth facilities known as data centers. Our digital footprint grows phenomenally every year and that data passes through, is stored and processed by the contents of these largest of energy intensive buildings on the planet.

This course is intended to give you a jump start into the world of data centers. We will cover the many standards, terminology, and acronyms used when talking and walking through these mission critical facilities. 

In this course we cover:

  • History, types, and sizes - what are the data centers you may see & walk into
  • Standards & goals - what are tiers of reliability, what is important to which type of owner
  • Components - the equipment & systems that support the data center
  • Terms and acronyms - most common descriptions, definitions, and practices
  • Security, safety & more - all of the other major considerations that go into data center

6 Lessons

38 mins
Data Center Introduction
23 mins
Data Center Reliability
24 mins
Data Center Equipment
25 mins
Data Center Data Hall Critical Space
28 mins
Data Center Support Spaces
27 mins
Data Center Security, Safety, Networks and IT

About the instructor

John  Peterson
John Peterson
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Mr. Peterson is a registered professional engineer specializing in mission critical and data center design and efficiency. He is also a speaker and technical author …

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