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Day Trading or Swing Trading Futures with Price Action. REAL TIME TRADES

——   Created by Humberto Malaspina

Watch and learn from live trades. This is the real deal.

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The objective of this course is that the students can see trades in real-time and experience the type of decisions that are made using the methodology described in my other courses about Day Trading and Swing Trading Futures with Price Action. These are real and raw trades, recorded as they happen during market trading hours. Here you can see the speed at which transactions happen and how we must be prepared for live trading. An invaluable experience.

The course project

Momentum Analysis.

The goal of this project is for you to practice detecting a momentum change in the market. It is very important to learn this skill as it will help you a lot to detect growing imbalances between supply and demand, which is essential to detect market entries and exits.

The instructions are very simple, download the one-hour chart attached hereto draw your analysis. Then compare the chart where you drew your results with the provided solution of this project.

11 Lessons

1 min
11 mins
The Top-Down Analysis and Pullbacks.
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6 mins
Apply a Flexible Strategy As Anything Can Happen.
4 mins
Learn To Avoid a Not Attractive Risk-Reward Ratio.
5 mins
Managing Risk Dynamically.
7 mins
Take Your Chances, You Never Know How Far the Tide Will Take You.
5 mins
Capitalize on Variations.
3 mins
Shorting Inside an Uptrend.
5 mins
The Price Collapses
4 mins
In the Middle of the Range.
6 mins
The King of the Universe

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It you!

Working in the oil exploration industry for many years made me see many ups and downs in this business. Oil prices are a Russian roulette, …

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