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Dealing with Angry Customers

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How to cope when faced with an angry or rude customer

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If you work in customer service in any way, then, from time to time, you are going to have to deal with angry or rude customers. This course will help you manage those stressful situations and support the customer as best you can.

Anger is a normal and relatively common emotion caused by a perceived hurt or provocation. In some cases a customer’s anger or rude behaviour may be driven by the failings of your organisation or its products and services. In other cases, the problem may be outside your control but you still have to deal with the impact.

In this course we look at anger in a customer service situation and how to deal with it. We review the nature and causes of anger; we look at how poor customer service can cause anger and what you can do to prepare your organisation to deal with anger. We cover the warning signs for anger and present a 12 step approach to dealing with an angry customer. We cover questions and short scripts that can help you start a discussion with an angry customer, and we consider why customers might be rude. Finally we look at managing the stress of dealing with an angry customer and finish the course with a review of the key learning points.

I hope you find the course helpful.

9 Lessons

7 mins
Anger as an Emotion
5 mins
Your Objectives When Dealing With Anger
10 mins
Poor Customer Service
9 mins
Preparing your Organization
6 mins
Warning Signs and What Not to Do
11 mins
The 12 Steps to Dealing with Anger
4 mins
Example Scripts for Angry Customers
8 mins
Dealing with Rude Customers
7 mins
Dealing with Stress, and Key Learning Points

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Ross Maynard
Ross Maynard
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I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants specialising in process improvement. I have nearly 30 years experience in consultancy, facilitation and …

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