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Dealing with Stress

——   Created by Dr Neil Thompson

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Welcome to this e-learning course on Dealing with Stress. Written and presented by Neil Thompson, this course offers a sound understanding of the problems associated with stress. Equivalent to a full day’s continuous professional development, the course provides helpful strategies for preventing pressure from overspilling into stress and responding positively to situations where stress has become an issue. It is an ideal grounding for staff and managers alike across a wide spectrum of organisations and settings. It is built around two video presentations made by Dr Thompson, one on understanding stress and the other on meeting the stress challenge.  

It has been designed to offer a solid foundation of learning about stress for all employees. There is a companion course entitled Managing Stress which is specifically geared towards helping managers understand their managerial responsibilities in relation to stress. It is strongly recommended that, if you are a manager, you complete this course first before undertaking the Managing Stress one.  

If you are not a manager, then this course should provide you with the understanding you need to make sense of stress and rise to the challenges involved by keeping your pressures within manageable limits.  

Many courses and books on stress offer a simplistic and potentially dangerous approach to stress, but here Dr Thompson shows the complexities involved and gives you the insights you need to deal with them confidently and constructively. 

20 Lessons

3 mins
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Lesson One: Understanding Stress 1
8 mins
Making sense of stress
free preview
11 mins
Pressure and stress
10 mins
Pressure and stress continued
Lesson Two: Understanding Stress 2
8 mins
The three dimensions of stress
9 mins
15 mins
Lesson Three: Understanding Stress 3
9 mins
The costs of stress
17 mins
The individual, the team, and the organization
4 mins
Understanding stress: review
Lesson Four: Meeting the Stress Challenge 1
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Dr Neil Thompson is a highly experienced tutor and trainer. He is highly respected for his ability to explain complex ideas clearly and effectively. His …

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