Design for Love

——   Created by Brian Pagán

Create Love-Worthy Products & Services

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Out of the apps you install, how many do you forget after a week? How many are you still using? And what makes them different? The answer is love! 

I created the The Love Story Canvas, which uses techniques from psychology & storytelling to facilitate the process of designing love-worthy products & services. During this course, we’ll go step by step, applying the Love Story Canvas to a real-world design challenge.

This class is for designers, developers, & marketeers who create products & services that empower people. Beginners will benefit from this fresh perspective on design fundamentals, and experienced professionals will enjoy the structured method for persuasive design.

The Love Story Canvas is available as a free download, and we’ll use each lesson to complete a part of your class project. Paper & pen is enough for this, but you can print the canvas & apply sticky notes, if you prefer. Let’s rock and roll!

The course project

Using the Love Story Canvas

The Love Story Canvas helps us connect our design ideas into a coherent narrative, so that people can more easily fall in love with our products & services. For our class project, we’ll use the Love Story Canvas on a real case. You can use a project from work or follow the design brief I’ll give you.

The Love Story Canvas is available as a free download here, and each lesson covers a different section. Paper & pen is enough for this, but you can print the canvas & apply sticky notes, if you prefer.

As you fill in each part, make sure to share your work with the class community! I’ll be there giving feedback and answering questions. And who knows: maybe you’ll find your next collaboration partner!

8 Lessons

3 mins
free preview
5 mins
The science of love stories
free preview
5 mins
Creating characters objectives
5 mins
Designing habit friendly interactions
5 mins
Writing your love story
4 mins
Ethical persuasion
4 mins
Class project using the love story canvas
1 min

About the instructor

Brian  Pagán
Brian Pagán
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Hi, I’m Brian! I use art & (digital) design to make our world more equitable & loving.

Over the last 19 years, I've helped companies …

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