Developing a Reflective Practice Culture

——   Created by Dr Neil Thompson

How to make reflective practice an everyday reality

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This is a follow-on course to Getting Started with Reflective Practice, and so it assumes that you have a sound working knowledge of reflective practice to begin with. It has been developed with two groups of people in mind: (i) practitioners who want to take their knowledge of reflective practice to the next level; and (ii) managers who have responsibility for promoting reflective practice within their domain of responsibility.

Following a short video introduction, there are five video-based lessons:  

1.Why develop critically reflective practice? This lesson explains why, for reflective practice to achieve its full potential, it needs to be critically reflective practice  

2.Reflective tools I: Why use them? Reflective practice tools can be extremely helpful, so in this lesson we look at why they are important and how they can be used.   

3.Reflective tools II: Tools for thinking Reflective practice takes place at the meeting point of thinking and doing. In this lesson we focus on tools that be helpful in taking our thinking forward.   

4.Reflective tools III: Tools for action Complementing Lesson 3, we focus here on tools for action, useful techniques that can make a real difference in the workplace.   

5.Embedding reflection in practice One of the biggest obstacles to reflective practice is a workplace culture that discourages thinking and learning. So, in this final lesson we highlight what is involved in embedding reflection in practice by creating and sustaining a reflective culture.

7 Lessons

Why develop critically reflective practice?
Reflective tools I: Why use them?
Reflective tools II: Tools for thinking
Reflective tools III: Tools for action
Embedding reflection in practice
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