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Node.js: Developing Web Applications

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Comprehensive Coverage of the Node.js Environment

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So, you want to learn Node.js. Perhaps you're a client side developer looking to move into server side work?

Maybe you want to take your Javascript skills further? Perhaps you have a project that requires you have Node.js skills? Maybe you just want to build your resume with this exciting technology?

Node.js has revolutionized server side programming. By allowing you to use Javascript on the server, you can now build enterprise applications with a single syntax! This is both practical and time saving. The efficiencies of using Javascript on both the client side and server side of an application include using shared JSON objects across the stack, as well as reusing your code modules.

If you're going to learn Node.js this is your course! Your instructor Dan Castillo is a web developer who has worked across the stack for several years creating applications and web services. No experience is required as Dan will start you at the very beginning by installing the necessary modules to use Node. As you go through each lecture, Dan will encourage you to code along as you work in the command line interface, learn to use the file system and routing and even create your own API's. 

This is a comprehensive first course in Node.js which is designed to get you working in this new technology right away.

76 Lessons

Introduction to Node.Js
1 min
Welcome to the Course
1 min
About the Instructor
10 mins
Quick Win Intro Activity
2 mins
Node.js a History
3 mins
Installing Node.js for OSX
2 mins
Installing Node.js for PC
7 mins
Making a non-block I/O
3 mins
First Node.Js Program
1 min
Node.js Core Concepts
1 min
About Modules
10 mins
5 mins
Built-in modules
7 mins
HTTP Module
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