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DevOps Project - 2022: CI/CD with Jenkins Ansible Kubernetes

——   Created by Valaxy Technologies

100% Hands-on labs on how to create DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes on AWS

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6h 15m
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More about this course

If you know various DevOps tools like git, Jenkins, Maven, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes and are not sure how collaboratively does it work? or you would like to set up a complete ci/cd pipeline using various DevOps tools? or you are someone who wishes to know what is the logical workflow of a DevOps project? then this course is for you. Welcome to the Simple DevOps Project. My name is AR Shankar and I will be the instructor for this course.

In this course, I have created a complete CI/CD pipeline to run a java application. In this learning journey, you have introduced tools like Github, Jenkins, maven, docker, ansible, and Kubernetes and learned how to integrate these tools to run a project in the real world. I am very much confident that you can able to set up a CI/CD pipeline on your own by end of this program.

I have over 10+ years of experience in DevOps and have a deep understanding of this domain. So, I will be teaching you in detail with the step-by-step demonstration.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to build CI/CD pipeline tools on Various DevOps tools
  • Anyone who wants to Enhance their skills in the DevOps domain

60 Lessons

2 mins
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4 mins
What Do We Cover
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3 mins
What is CI and CD
3 mins
Resources to Setup DevOps CI/CD pipeline
2 mins
DevOps Project Source Code
3 mins
Quick Tips To Learn Fast
CI/CD Pipeline Using Git, Jenkins and Maven
1 min
Section Introduction
12 mins
Setup Jenkins Server
4 mins
Run 1st Jenkins Job
6 mins
Integrate Git with Jenkins
5 mins
Run Jenkins Job To Pull Code From GitHub
10 mins
Integrate Maven with Jenkins
7 mins
Build a Java Project Using Jenkins
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About the instructor

Valaxy Technologies

I am a DevOps Consultant specialized in cloud and DevOps. I have been doing training for the past 5 years for hundreds of students. I …

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