Digital Illustration: Underpainting Made Easy!

——   Created by Sydney H.

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For this class you will need a graphics tablet (or tablet with pen stylus)!

Ever wanted to enhance your coloring and make it more dramatic without having to fuss over un-harmonized colors? Then join me in this class to learn how I create the under-paintings of my illustrations.

Over the years, I have learned and collected multiple different rendering techniques from many artists. After learning and studying how other artists create their forms, I began to combine the ones that looked the best for my illustrations. The best part about this method is that after you finish your under painting, you can either declare yourself done or continue to refine the drawing further! Not only that, it allows for colors to harmonize naturally without much editing later. For the best results, it’s helpful to be aware of color theory and how it works. However, even if you don’t know that much about it, you can still achieve amazing results by following what looks good to you. While this is a continuation of my first class, Digital Illustration: Digital Sketching Basics to Tips and Tricks, it is not required to complete this course.

Join me in this class to expand and learn a new easy method of under painting!

PLEASE NOTE: In this class I will be using Adobe Photoshop during my process. Having a tablet with a stylus is essential for this course to be completed smoothly.

Tools You Need:

-Tablet with a Stylus (Graphics Tablet)

-Adobe Photoshop

 Music Credits:

Open Hand Project (Music by Marcus) - "Techy"

Bensound - "Straight"

Open Hand Project (Music by Marcus) - "New Heights"

The course project

I use this process all the time when I color my illustrations. This method works the BEST when your piece includes dramatic lighting (which I love to do)!

For your project, create an underpainting with dramatic lighting! The more dramatic the better!

You need your tablet in order for this project to be completed smoothly.

If you would like, you are welcome to download my basic brush pack as well as my smudge tool presets!

>Click Here to Download<

9 Lessons

Creating Transparent Lineart (Optional)
Masking your Drawing
My Approach to Backgrounds
Adding Your Base Colors
Adding Shadows
Enhance with Ambient Light
Add More Lighting!
Project Overview
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About the instructor

A freelance artist creating artwork that strives to engage and generate pieces that everyone can enjoy. I love exploring multiple fields of the art some of which is digital, traditional, design! I'm highly influenced by old illustrators (like J.C Leyendecker), anime, and video games.

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