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Digital Marketing Fundamentals: What You Must Know!

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Digital Marketing Must Know Concepts that Will Help You take your Marketing strategy to New Heights

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The Current Times are rapidly changing and so the way Things are done!

Marketing has been present since ages but till recent times; there was a rapid shift in the industry since the inception of Social Media and Various platforms that have changed the way traditional Marketing takes place!

This Course Will equip you with the Key fundamental concepts that the entire modern marketing efforts DEPEND ON. Without keeping in mind these concepts that you will learn in this course, marketing efforts are highly susceptible to failure.

This course will equip you with important fundamental concepts that will change the way you have viewed marketing and it will provide you with a clear frame work to plan your next marketing Strategy.

The Course is Designed and Conducted by a Certified Marketer such that you will be having quality education that you can apply to your upcoming marketing campaign.

In this course you will learn about the different stages that a customer goes through before making a purchase for service or product which will allow you to develop a solid marketing strategy to support that addresses various parts of the buyers journey.

If you are interested in learning about marketing whether you are a student, a professional or someone who is new to the marketing practice then this course is definitely for you!

10 Lessons

3 mins
Introduction to Magnetic Marketing
How Current Times Have Changed!
7 mins
How the Current Changes Have Affected Marketing
Traditional Marketing Vs Magnetic Marketing
7 mins
Traditional Marketing
5 mins
Magnetic Marketing
How To Become a Magnetic Marketer?
12 mins
Magnetic Marketing Concept #1
8 mins
Magnetic Marketing Concept #2
4 mins
The Stages of Customer Navigation
The Transition Process Through the Marketing Journey
12 mins
How To Transition From One Stage to the Other as Part of Your Marketing Strategy
5 mins
The Most Important Aspect of a Successful Magnetic Strategy
3 mins
Magnetic Marketing Fundamentals
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