Diploma in Acupressure for Detox & Weight Loss

——   Created by Annette Igoe

Receive an International Qualification in Acupressure Therapy - Qualify as a Detoxification & Weight Loss Specialist!

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More about this course

Before embarking on the course videos, please go to the 'Bonus Material - Downloads' section and download the course manual, treatment charts & protocol which you can use as a visual aid to assist you during the video lessons.

In addition to offering students an INTERNATIONAL QUALIFICATION in ACUPRESSURE THERAPY, this course, upon successful completion, allows students to be listed online under the title - ‘DETOXIFICATION & WEIGHT LOSS SPECIALIST!’ This is also something you’ll be able to promote on your website and on all of your marketing material!

Some techniques that we’ll cover in this course include a:

  • ‘STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE’ which incorporates specific protocol on how to Re-balance the Thyroid Gland, the Adrenals, Cortisol (the primary stress hormone) and Digestion.
  • You’ll also learn how to Re-balance the Body’s Hormones using the ‘HORMONE HARMONISER TECHNIQUE’
  • Discover how to get your energy levels through the roof with the 'ENERGY BOOSTER TECHNIQUE - Points 1-4'
  • We’ll also cover specific protocol for dealing with ADDICTIONS/DETOXIFICATION and much, much more...

Students who sign up for this course will get instant access to a comprehensive 144 page course manual and a set of 14 Beautifully Illustrated Acupressure Treatment Charts (Downloadable)

The information in this course is delivered in a simplistic way making it very easy for students to learn and apply the techniques to work on themselves, on family, friends or clients.

Some common benefits you can expect from an Acupressure Treatment include:

·        Relief from stress & tension

·        A more relaxed body & mind

·        Increased blood circulation

·        A faster removal of toxic waste

·        An increase in energy levels

·        Relief from head, neck, shoulder & back ache and

·        An overall sense of well-being

So why not sign up today and see how quickly the positive effects of Acupressure can bring improvement to your life?

29 Lessons

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Requirements Before Receiving Your Qualification
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What is Acupressure?
What is Acupressure?
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How to Apply Pressure to Acupressure Points
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Self Acupressure
Key Points to Remember
What are Meridians?
What are Meridians?
The Role of the Meridians
The Meridian Clock
Key Points to Remember
Essentials Before Getting Started
How to Begin and End an Acupressure Treatment
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About the instructor

After several years of intensive study in many different disciplines I found that the alternative therapy that was producing the fastest, most profound and long lasting results among my clients was Kinesiology so I decided to specialise. The particular branch of Kinesiology I work in is known as Neuroenergetic Kinesiology …

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