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Disease Transmission

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Understanding how to be safe in any emergency. The procedures you need to follow to prevent infection

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Emergencies require a degree of being alert to infectious material. The lay person needs to know how to properly use personal Protective equipment to minimize the transfer of disease. How do you put on protective equipment, but more importantly, how do you get it off. Once you remove it, where do you put it for proper disposal? What to do if you become exposed

9 Lessons

3 mins
Disease Transmission and Control Intro
4 mins
Disease Transmission
5 mins
6 mins
4 mins
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
3 mins
Sharps Logs
4 mins
4 mins
Review Questions
1 min

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Arthur Jackson
Arthur Jackson
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Arthur Jackson is the CEO of Arthur Jackson CTC Inc. and has worked extensively in the medical field as a medical technician with doctors in …

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