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DIY Arduino Power Supply Shield using EasyEDA

——   Created by Ashraf Said

Use a FREE Web-Based Tool to Master simulation, PCB design, footprint creation, Gerber files viewing, and 3D PCB viewing

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2h 20m
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Why you should take this course?

  • EDA is the best place to design your Arduino power supply shield
  • Designing your own circuit board with EDA is fun, fast, easy and inexpensive
  • You can also simulate your design before you order boards. This saves time and money
  • All the parts you need are on the EasyEDA website, including suppliers
  • You can walk through tutorials or consult an expert for help on designing circuits
  • There are 2D and 3D views of the PCB created for reference
  • The 3D view lets you zoom in to see how small components fit together perfectly
  • Ordering boards is quick and easy.

Web-based EDA tool suites like EasyEDA and Upverter are getting rapidly famous. These online tools offer some outstanding solutions for collaboration and providing some viable features for teams with financial limits like multi-layer PCB designing, while it costs a lot to buy a license for other EDA tools with a multi-layer feature, for example.

In this course, EasyEDA is going to be explained to live the experience of using this web-based tool. It’s not hypocrisy to say that this tool is a very sophisticated tool that has everything you need to make your PCB in no time.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • What is this platform and why are you should use it
  • How to create a free account
  • Interface explained in details
  • How to get from idea to PCB design and order PCBs
  • How to create a simple schematic and PCB design and get the 3D view
  • How to create an Arduino power shield using this free platform and prepare it for manufacturing
  • How to get the Gerber file
  • How do use other people designs and edit them for free
  • How to order a PCB online and things to set before doing that.
  • Tips and tricks for a great PCB design and manufacturing process
  • How to create a component in case you can't find it in the online library.
  • Tricks and tips about tracks, rules, exposed copper, board outline
  • Schematic editor including NgSpice-based simulation, WaveForm viewer, and other common features.
  • PCB layout editor including PCB photo viewer, Gerber viewer, scripts support, and other features.
  • Library editor and manager.
  • Integrated PCB fabrication and components purchase service.
  • Team collaboration with good sharing capabilities.

Keep in mind, that this will be a step-by-step course to explain the general structure of this tool and to highlight the most important features.

19 Lessons

Introduction & Getting Started
4 mins
free preview
5 mins
Get Started and Create a FREE Account
free preview
13 mins
Simple Circuit Design
7 mins
PCB Design
3 mins
3D View of PCB Design Online
4 mins
Desktop Version of the Web App
10 mins
Arduino Power Shield Schematic Design
19 mins
Arduino Power Shield PCB Design
16 mins
Tips and Tricks
16 mins
Create Your Own Part and Footprint
Next Level PCB Manufacturing
4 mins
7 mins
What are the Best PCB Manufacturing Companies
6 mins
How to Prepare Your PCB Design for Manufacturing
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