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DIY Cinematography: Light a Music Video

——   Created by Sean Tracy

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This lighting class was created for beginner to intermediate filmmakers looking to improve their cinematography skills. 

In this class, I'll walk you through each shot of the music video I made for Jessica Lynn's "Run To" which began airing on Country Music Television, Music Choice, and Vevo in June of 2020. You can see the full video here.

I'll show you what camera, lenses, and other equipment I used and show you in-depth breakdowns of the lighting schemes for each shot.

All the lessons are short, easily digestible, and actionable. After watching this course you'll have the confidence to go out and make a great-looking music video.

The course project

Becoming better at lighting means seeing light and shadow better not only on the screen but in the world all around you. Before I break down each shot I'll ask you to watch the shot, pause the video, analyze the lighting, and write down how you think the shot was lit.

Watching these lessons on lighting is not enough. At the end of the course, it's time to put what you learned into action by going out with your camera and recreating some scenes from this music video.

17 Lessons

3 mins
Module 1.1 - Project Overview
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4 mins
Module 2.1 - Location Scout
free preview
2 mins
Module 2.2 - References
1 min
Module 2.3 - Crew Breakdown
4 mins
Module 3.1 - Camera and Lenses
3 mins
Module 4.1 - Shot Breakdowns
4 mins
Module 4.2 - Shot A
5 mins
Module 4.3 - Shot B
4 mins
Module 4.4 - Shot C
3 mins
Module 4.5 - Shot D
3 mins
Module 4.6 - Shot E, F, and G
4 mins
Module 4.7 - Shot H
4 mins
Module 4.8 - Shot J
4 mins
Module 4.9 - Shot K and L
5 mins
Module 4.10 - The Band
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About the instructor

Sean  Tracy
Sean Tracy
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Hi, I'm, Sean - I'm a commercial Director, DP, and editor from Poughkeepsie, NY. In 2013, I started MONSTERINTHEDARK, a small production company in upstate …

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