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Dog Training - Running A Dog Training Business

——   Created by Sharon Bolt

Learn how to run a successful dog training or dog related business, attract your ideal clients & charge high prices

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This is a business and marketing course especially for people who have (or would like to have) their own dog training business or for people who already have a dog related business, such as dog walkers, dog groomers, pet sitters etc.

Get the business knowledge, confidence and marketing information you need in order to run a successful dog training or dog related business. Learn how to attract your ideal clients and be paid top prices for your products and services.

Have a profitable dog training business, work with dogs and make a difference in the world with this course.

You'll see step-by-step video demonstrations that show you...

  • How to create an unforgettable dog training brand.
  • How to choose the right niche or target market for you.
  • How to attract your target market and Ideal dog training clients.
  • How to create transformational dog training packages that your clients will love and pay top dollar for.
  • How to price your transformational dog training packages and successfully use payment plans and money back guarantees.
  • How to easily sell your dog training services without it feeling like you're selling.
  • How to track and test what is working in your dog training business so you focus on what's working rather than what's not.

Stop trading time for money and be paid abundantly for your gifts and talents.

When you know how to speak your ideal clients language, market to them with the exact words that get their attention and then offer dog training packages that fixes their problems, you are able to charge premium prices.

This means you are able to work less hours, earn more money and have the lifestyle that you dream of and deserve.

You're shown exactly how to do this throughout this dog training business course.

What You Will Get From This Dog Training & Dog Related Business Course

People who want to work with animals often miss the crucial step of seeing what they do as a business. It often becomes solely about helping others, giving away their gifts and talents and devaluing what they offer. Being broke, struggling to pay the bills and feeling unwell is NOT a winning formula for helping animals.

When you are easily able to pay your bills, take time out to do the other things you enjoy and be fit and healthy, this is the time that you can give freely and really help animals.

During this dog training business course you'll learn how to turn your passion into a business and create a win-win situation, where you'll be able to help lots of people and animals whilst being paid well for a job that doesn't feel like work and one that makes your heart sing.

You'll learn how to be your own boss, work the hours you choose, have time for you, your friends and family and pay the bills at the same time.

You'll discover how to create an unforgettable brand so that you stand out from your dog training competitors so that people remember you.

You'll also learn how choose the right niche or target market for you, which can get people queuing up to work with you rather than you having to try and find them.

You'll also find out how to determine what your dog training USP (Unique, Selling Point, or Unique Selling Proposition) is and how to cleverly add this into your marketing.

You'll also learn how to create transformational dog training packages which your clients will love and want to pay top dollar for.

Also included in this dog training business course is how to position yourself as a specialist in your field and how to price your services accordingly.

Additionally you'll learn how to successfully use payment plans and money back guarantees.

As well as, how to sell your gifts, talents and services in a way that feels natural, authentic and not like you're selling at all.

By the end of this dog training business course you'll have the business knowledge, confidence and marketing information you need in order to run a successful dog training or dog related business. You'll know how to charge high prices by establishing yourself as a leader in your field plus you'll know how to attract clients who value what you offer, are appreciative of what you do and are great to work with.

Imagine going to bed looking forward to the next day, that every day is like a weekend and what you are doing is just too enjoyable to be called work, that's what you can look forward to after completing this dog training business course.

24 Lessons

3 mins
This Is What You'll Get From This Course
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Creating An Unforgettable Brand
6 mins
3 Elements Your Brand Must Have
free preview
10 mins
Your Personal Brand
6 mins
Branding Errors
3 mins
Your Branding Aim
How To Choose A Niche Or Target Market
10 mins
Finding The Right Niche Or Target Market For You
6 mins
Why People Don't Niche And What They Miss Out On
4 mins
How To Identify Your Niche Or Target Market
How To Attract Your Niche or Target Market
9 mins
How To Avoid The Common Mistakes Often Made When Attracting Your Target Market
5 mins
7 Ways To Find Out Your Potential Client's Pain Points
7 mins
How To Create 'Benefit Statements' That Will Get People Wanting To Work With You
4 mins
How To Find Your USP (Unique Selling Point)
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Sharon  Bolt
Sharon Bolt
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Sharon Bolt is a top dog behaviour expert and counts a number of celebrities among her clients. Sharon has been featured on BBC, ITV and …

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