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Draw a Comic from your Daily Life

——   Created by Yana Knight

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Would you like to draw comics and stories but don't know where to even start? How about starting with your life? Anything that happens in our day to day lives, good or bad, seemingly boring or exciting, any discoveries, ideas, events, characters, situations, no matter how small — all provide perfect material that can be transformed into comics and stories. In this class I want to show you some ways of transforming such experiences, encounters, observations into comics, cartoons and stories and how much can be learnt in this process about yourself, your life and your creativity.

This class is for any level, even if you've never picked up a pencil in your life (quite rare as pencils are hard to avoid and so if you have managed, please tell me how!) or a super experienced artist looking for new ideas..

We'll start with a few fun and simple drawing exercises, including drawing without looking at the paper, drawing with your eyes closed, timed drawing etc. During this warm up I'll also give you a few helpful tips and techniques so you can easily jump into the cartoon part of this experience.

Then we'll turn to creating a short, simply drawn cartoon, frame by frame, based on your daily experiences with a healthy portion of humour, imagination and a few surprising twists and turns. I'll be guiding you through this part, and creating alongside. Advance warning: this part will involve lots of laughter!

You'll leave this class with a bunch of drawings and a short cartoon story which can get you started on this highly addictive adventure and who knows, maybe even bring about some unexpected changes in daily life... Join in and welcome!!!

The course project

Over to you now!

Following the lessons, bring your own story to life! 

And as a bonus you can vary the number of frames in the comic, the time you give yourself to draw them, the prompts you select for each frame etc. Play with your options and I'd LOVE to see the outcomes!

You will find a list of suggested promts in the resource section but do come up with your own! You can get these anywhere, books you read, things you hear on the street, TV shows, old notes and notebooks...

11 Lessons

2 mins
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4 mins
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3 mins
Books for inspiration
free preview
3 mins
Exercise: hippo
2 mins
Exercise: blind shark
6 mins
Exercise: parrot
7 mins
11 mins
Story 1
7 mins
Story 2
4 mins
Adding color
2 mins
Over to you! And further ideas

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Yana Knight
Yana Knight
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A multidisciplinary artist and educator living and working in Brussels, Belgium. My work is in the collection of the Museum of Spontaneous Art in Brussels, the Russian …

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