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DRAWING FROM LIFE: Learn how to draw from life

——   Created by Lauren Poole

Still Life, Landscape, Gesture Sketching, Travel Sketchbook

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Why is drawing from life important? Drawing from life is not essential to being a good artist, however, there are many benefits to drawing from life that make it a worthwhile practice!

Deciding what to bring with you when you travel with art supplies is also very important. You need to bring lightweight art supplies that you can carry with you and easily pack up whether you are traveling on a vacation, going on a weekend trip, or simply venturing out on an art excursion in your home town. Museums are a wonderful place to draw from life! We can always learn so much from other artists. Other options include sitting in a coffee shop, going to a local park, or your downtown area.

If you've never drawn from life, picking out some fruit from your kitchen or setting up a spot in your backyard is a perfect place to start! You have more flexibility with the art supplies you're using and you can also take a break and come back later.  

If you're ready to venture out, a day trip or a weekend trip is also a great idea. You should avoid art supplies that are too heavy, too messy, or that don't dry quickly. If you're new to drawing from life, pick an inanimate object like a building or a fountain to draw first. This will build your confidence and sharpen your artistic skills.

Learn how to draw from life in 6 different lessons.


  1. Supplies + Gesture Sketching
  2. Still Life
  3. Your Own Backyard
  4. Art Excursions
  5. Travel + Draw
  6. Class Project

You may check out any of the art supplies I'm using on my Resource Page here.

All brand photography is photographed by Hannah Lozano. The remaining footage or photos are mine or are purchased from stock sites.

The course project

  • Choose your skill level:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Subject Matter
  • Art Supplies

Based on your skill level, decide if you would rather draw from life:

  • At Home
  • Or Venture Out

Choose one of the lessons that feels most approachable for you while also still challenging yourself. Create a drawing by observing from life from one of the following options:

  • Your Own Backyard
  • Still Life from your kitchen / house
  • Remote Area - Draw Landscape
  • Public Park or Downtown - Draw Buildings, Scenery, or People
  • Museum - Draw the Masterpieces
  • Figure Drawing - Take a Class with live models
  • Travel + Draw - Draw your adventures on your next vacation, weekend trip, or travel plans.

Remember to upload your project to this class! I can't wait to see all of your work.

-Lauren Lesley

7 Lessons

5 mins
Intro - Hi, I'm Lauren Lesley!
free preview
3 mins
Art Supplies + Gesture Sketching
8 mins
Your Own Backyard - Landscape
22 mins
Still Life
7 mins
Travel + Draw
free preview
15 mins
Art Excursions
6 mins
Class Project

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Lauren Poole
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Hi! I'm Lauren, an artist & designer. I help people get more creative careers in Textile Design.

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