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Ear Training Fundamentals

——   Created by Michael Emenau

How to play music by ear for complete beginners

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2h 11m
Lesson time
Skill level

More about this course

In this course, we are going to learn the absolute basics of ear-training, pitch recognition, as well as how to finds chords and melodies. We will be discussing how to recognize and name groups of notes on the piano by using "relative pitch" as well as the basic concepts behind harmony, tonality, and musical keys.

Each class will have the same format:

  • Introduce a new concept in ear training
  • Give examples/exercises of how to listen, understand and achieve this concept
  • Take a guided quiz based on what you have learned

What makes this class somewhat unique is that we will start at the absolute beginning, and once you understand the concepts of higher and lower sounds, we then explore very simple pitch recognition (note naming) quizzes and tutorials.

This is the perfect course for someone who want to learn how to play by ear, but feels overwhelmed by the fast pace of many "play music by ear" courses.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginning musicians
  • Students who want to lay music by ear
  • Singer Songwriters

12 Lessons

2 mins
Ear Training Fundamentals introduction video
9 mins
Quiz 1 Ear Training Fundamentals
13 mins
Quiz 2 Ear Training Fundamentals
13 mins
Quiz 3 Ear Training Fundamentals
13 mins
Quiz 4 Ear Training Fundamentals
9 mins
Quiz 5 Ear Training Fundamentals
12 mins
Quiz 6 Ear Training Fundamentals
16 mins
Quiz 7 Ear Training Fundamentals
11 mins
Quiz 8 Ear Training Fundamentals
13 mins
Quiz 9 Ear training Fundamentals
14 mins
Quiz 10 Ear Training Fundamentals
12 mins
Quiz 11 Ear Training Fundamentals

About the instructor

Michael Emenau

Michael Emenau - Is the creator of the award winning children's music education /ear training APP "EASY MUSIC". Since its release in 2016 EASY MUSIC …

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