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Easy Advanced Math Skills

——   Created by Wolfgang Riebe

Learn easy maths formula's and techniques to unlock your genius and make maths fun!

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2h 52m
Lesson time
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It's easier than you think!

Use your brain… not your calculator!

Improve your pass rate by leaps and bounds at university, college or school!

Learn methods to instantly add, subtract, multiply & divide!

Here is a complete 15 lecture video course that will teach you clever maths skills that will change your life!

You will learn practical, easy implementable formulas, tips and tricks that will make maths a breeze! The lectures are all between 8 - 15 minutes.

To fully benefit from the course and understand the formulas, you should plan to do complete everything between 7 and 14 days by completing between one to 2 lectures per day and practicing what you have learnt.


✓ Full 15 Lecture online e-course with option to download MP4 video files.

✓ Plus 15 downloadable MP3 Audio files to store on a memory stick and listen to in your car.

✓ Plus the Full E-Book version.

✓ Plus bonus E-Book, Become a Better You.

✓ Plus another bonus E-Book, The Easy Self Improvement Guide.


“I have taught these formulas and skills to my daughters since an early age… they both completed their ‘A’ levels at 16!” Wolfgang Riebe

“Wow, these skills helped me calculate my course back home… really fast!” ET“

"I thought the course material was well presented and clearly explained. The videos are well edited and easy to follow. Best of all is that these formulas can be applied immediately! I literally watched the introduction video and 5 minutes later bamboozled my partner with the coolest math trick ever!” PG Engelbrecht

15 Lessons

8 mins
10 mins
Multiplication 2 Digits
16 mins
Multiplication 1-3x
11 mins
Multiplication 4x
10 mins
Multiplication 5x
10 mins
Multiplication 6x
11 mins
Multiplication 7x
10 mins
Multiplication 8x
10 mins
Multiplication 9x
8 mins
Multiplication 10-12x
17 mins
Addition Part 1
17 mins
Addition Part 2
13 mins
13 mins
18 mins
Fun Number Tricks & Conclusion
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About the instructor

Wolfgang Riebe

What do students say about Wolfgang?

Your style effective and different than any other teachers I have ever studied.

Wolfgang is full of tips & …

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