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Easy Yoga for Home

——   Created by Zsuzsanna Fajcsak

An easy step by step way to start Yoga at home and get the benefits for balancing your muscles, your body and mind

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Are you gymed out and ready to learn something less stressful for the bay but bringing greater benefits?

Are you looking for something of a variety for your workout to break the monotony?

Did you always want to do yoga, but never had the time to make it to the classes.

Did you always think that yoga need some special place and its so scientific?

Are you a beginner in exercise, and want to have a gentle beginning to get overall strength of your body?

If yes, this course is for you.

May i bring you a very simple easy to understand format, learning yoga at home. This will allow you to execute the poses correctly to bring best benefit for your body.

This basic yoga course will help you to bring you understanding of the theoretical base and the actual videos of the poses.

Start yoga today even by picking out one pose and just do it. Tomorrow, pick another pose and just do it. and as you are learning gradually you will build your feel great Yoga workout at home.

I am including a 20 min gentle yoga class video here as my special gift as well.

See you in the course:)

40 Lessons

2 mins
Deep Breathing 101
7 mins
Theory of Deep Breathing
free preview
1 min
8 mins
Breathing exercise and practice
1 min
Breathing Counting
Basic Yoga Poses
4 mins
Preparing the lower back for exercise
free preview
2 mins
1 min
Chair pose
3 mins
Warrior 1, 2, 3 and Reverse
2 mins
Tree Pose
free preview
2 mins
Triangle Pose
2 mins
Reverse Triangle Pose
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About the instructor

Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

1. Health/lifestyle

2. Coaching/Inspiration

3. Education via mobile phone

Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe …

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