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Elecosoft (Asta) Powerproject V15 for Unresourced Projects

——   Created by Paul E Harris

How to create, format, baseline and update an unresourced project with Elecosoft (Asta) Powerproject.

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6h 26m
Lesson time
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More about this course

The course objectives are to teach participants how to create projects without resources, formatting, printing, creating a baseline and updating an un-resourced project, topics covered are:

  • The user interface,
  • How to create a projects,
  • Scheduling projects without resources,
  • Filters, Views, Sorts and Printing,
  • Creating and assigning a baseline and
  • Updating an un-resourced project.

Most chapters are reinforced by student workshops.

The course has the following modules:

1. Introduction to Asta Powerproject and Creating a project

2. Navigation and Setting Options

3. Calendars

4. Tasks and Milestones

5. Summary Tasks

6. Linking Tasks to create a Critical Path Schedule and Reschedule

7. Constraints

8. Other Task Types

9. Formatting the Display

10. Code Libraries

11. Filters

12. Organising Tasks using Group and Sorts

13. Printing and Reports

14. Baselines

15. Updating an Unresourced Project

16. Library Explorer

17. User Definable Fields and WBS.

Who this course is for:
  • The following people should consider this course, project managers and schedulers who wish to learn how to use the software to schedule and control projects and Programme Managers, Project Managers and Project Control staff evaluating the software against their organizational requirements.

35 Lessons

4 mins
Agenda and Understanding the Workshop Files
22 mins
Introduction to Powerpoint
7 mins
Workshop 1 - Creating a Project
14 mins
Navigation and Setting Options
5 mins
Workshop 2 Navigation and Setting the Options
32 mins
6 mins
Workshop 3 - Maintaining Calendars
14 mins
Adding Tasks and Milestones
5 mins
Workshop 4 - Adding Activities and Milestones
12 mins
Summary Tasks
2 mins
Workshop 5 - Summary Tasks
45 mins
Linking Tasks to create a Critical Path Schedule and Reschedule
4 mins
Workshop 6 – Adding the Links and Reschedule
15 mins
5 mins
Workshop 7 - Constraints
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About the instructor

Paul E Harris
Paul E Harris
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Paul Harris holds an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering obtained in the UK and is a Certified Cost Engineer through AACEI International, a PRINCE2 Registered …

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