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Electrical Fault Analysis for Electrical Engineering

——   Created by Ahmed Mahdy

Course for electrical power engineering student who wants to analyze faults in electric power system.

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7h 03m
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Throughout the course, we will learn about symmetrical and unsymmetrical power system faults with many solved examples.

You will learn in this course:

  1. Meaning of a fault in the electrical system
  2. Meaning of overloading in the electrical system
  3. Types of faults in the electrical system
  4. Classification of faults in the electrical system
  5. Difference between symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults
  6. Difference between earth and phase faults
  7. Classification of faults according to time and number of phases
  8. Equations and phasor diagram of a healthy system
  9. Equations and phasor diagram of a three-phase fault
  10. Equations and phasor diagram of a single line to ground fault
  11. Equations and phasor diagram of a line to line fault
  12. Equations and phasor diagram of a double line to ground fault
  13. Effect of open-circuit fault on electrical power system
  14. Current and voltage waveforms in case of an electrical fault
  15. Representation of electrical components, reactance diagram, and per-unit system
  16. The solution of several examples on per unit system
  17. Different reactances in the electrical machine during fault
  18. Thevenin method and steps of analyzing symmetrical faults
  19. The solution of many examples on symmetrical faults
  20. Conversion of the unbalanced system in symmetrical faults into balanced systems
  21. Modeling different components for reactance diagram
  22. Example on drawing the reactance diagram of +ve, -ve, and zero sequences
  23. Equivalent circuits for different fault types
  24. Solution of examples on unsymmetrical faults in the power system

34 Lessons

Introduction to Power System Faults
7 mins
What Does A Fault Mean
free preview
8 mins
What Does Overloading Mean
5 mins
Fault Due To Wrong Operation In Electrical System
7 mins
Types of Electrical Faults According to Number of Phases
9 mins
Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Faults in Power System
2 mins
Difference between Earth Fault and Phase Fault
3 mins
Classification of Faults According to Time
32 mins
Equations and Phasor Diagram for a Healthy Balanced System
9 mins
Phasor Diagram of Three Phase to Ground Fault
3 mins
Phasor Diagram of Single Line to Ground Fault
5 mins
Phasor Diagram of Line to Line Fault
3 mins
Phasor Diagram of Double Line to Ground Fault
13 mins
Open Circuit Fault in Electrical Systems
Understanding Per Unit System
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Ahmed Mahdy

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