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Elevate Your Business Social Media

——   Created by Jenny Veguilla-Lezan

Design an Aesthetic Instastory Template in Affinity Designer

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Hello everyone welcome to my latest class!

I’m Jen Lezan and I’ll be your teacher for this course. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and educator based out of the midwest and I run Bella + Sophia Creative studio. 

I enjoy helping creatives and entrepreneurs up their design skills and elevate their brands using tools like the Affinity software. Social media is a vital tool for every creative as it allows you to establish a brand voice and visual presence online. A great way to showcase your skills and make the most of a branded account is to use instastories. While you can create instastories directly in Instagram, you can also make things a bit easier on yourself by using software like Affinity Designer to create a template that you can use over and over again and update as you need. 

What You Will Learn 

In this free class I will share a tutorial on how to design and create your own aesthetic instastory templates using Affinity Designer. This is a great way to create branded and stylish content on your instastory instagram feed that keeps your branded look front and center. I walk you through my entire process for creating the instastory templates I sell in my Creative Market shop.

Who This Class is For

This class is perfect for your if you are a small business working on really pushing forward your instagram game, a content creator wanting to establish some efficient work flows or just a designer looking to offer social media design services for a client and wanting to learn how to use Affinity Designer to do so. It's a basic level class where I walk you through the program and help you situate yourself when it comes to the menus. I hope you find it helpful!

Tools You Will Need

Desktop computer

Affinity Designer software 

Instagram account

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about me, check out my website at: - if you want to connect with me and show me your work on social media feel free to follow me on instagram @bellasophiacreative - Also, make sure to check out some of my other classes right here on Arbington!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave them in the class discussion forum. Don’t forget to add an image of your project to class project gallery. I can’t wait to see what you create! 

Thanks for watching!


The course project

What You Will Learn

In this class you will learn how to design and create your own aesthetic instastory templates using Affinity Designer. You will get a rundown of the basic function in Affinity Designer for the desktop and learn how to apply them to your project design. 

The Class Project 

For your class project, you will be creating your own instastory template like the one I go through in this class. 


You should create anywhere between 3-5 story layouts featuring a visual, some sort of graphic, text and a call to action. Use the concept I walk you through in the video lesson as your base and you can update it to meet your needs in terms of color story, visuals and text. Make sure you share a screenshot or series of JPEGs of your favorite layout templates to the class project gallery! 

Make sure to check out the template file included in this class in the class resources!

You can check out how I show potential clients how to use these templates in a video I have on youtube here:

Looking forward to seeing what you all create!

2 Lessons

2 mins
Class Introduction
free preview
54 mins
Designing the Template

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Jenny Veguilla-Lezan
Jenny Veguilla-Lezan
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 I am a Chicago-born Latinxer (I'm a proud Puerto Rican and Mexican American) millennial, an educator, and a freelance creative with experience in graphic design, digital media, …

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