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Emotional Freedom Technique for Freedom in Life

——   Created by Robert Murphy

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What would life be like if you could truly live without limitations?

What could you achieve if you could silence the negative voices in your head?

With this course, we will show you how to perform Emotional Freedom Technique. Which itself is a very useful, dynamic and versatile technique, but we will also show you how to use it.

We take you through a comprehensive list of many of the issues that people commonly face, as well as some not so common ones, to allow you to free yourself and others. This is like giving you the car, as well as the skills to drive it!

Emotional Freedom Technique is a very gentle, non-invasive technique that anyone can do or have done to them. Once you master this and start to come up with your own issues, there will be no stopping you!

In this course we will show you:

  • A brief history of EFT
  • The why what and how EFT works
  • The process of EFT, the steps it takes to perform
  • Using EFT on other people
  • The issues to work on, including:
  • Fears
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Money
  • Body
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Addictions
  • And more!

So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to live you life with more freedom, less negativity and much more passion and joy, then join us on this journey today! 

16 Lessons

4 mins
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4 mins
A brief history of Emotional Freedom Technique
free preview
6 mins
The How and Why or EFT
free preview
11 mins
The process of EFT
13 mins
How to Perform EFT on Other People
6 mins
The Fears to Eliminate from Your Life
6 mins
The Issues to Consider: Limiting Beliefs
6 mins
The Issues to Consider: Money Issues
7 mins
The Issues to Consider: Body Issues
7 mins
The Issues to Consider: Depression
6 mins
The Issues to Consider: Anxiety
5 mins
The Issues to Consider: Relationships
6 mins
The Issues to Consider: Addictions
6 mins
The Issues to Consider: Illness
2 mins
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About the instructor

Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy
  • 3 courses

Rob has been practicing and exploring alternate therapies since the beginning of 2013. Over this time, he has amassed a vast array of skills to …

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