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Employee Task Management App Using Flutter, PHP, MySQL

——   Created by Indra Trisna

Build Task Management Application to Monitoring Employee in the Company or Your Bussiness

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In this course, we will build an application to monitor employee work. There are 3 levels or roles that use the application, Admin, Operator, and Employee.

To build this application, using the flutter framework, PHP as a web service (API), and MySQL as database management.

There are 4 core features that will be developed in the application, namely, managing work, managing operators, managing employees, and managing tasks.

56 Lessons

5 mins
Demo App
free preview
2 mins
free preview
5 mins
Starter - Create Database
13 mins
Starter - Create API
7 mins
Starter - Create Flutter Project
5 mins
Starter - Create Model
free preview
4 mins
Config - Setup Color
3 mins
Config - Setup Theme
9 mins
Config - Create Session User
6 mins
Config - Integrating Controller User & Session User
5 mins
Config - Implementation User Session
20 mins
Login - UI
3 mins
Setup API const
7 mins
Setup App Request
8 mins
Login - Create Login Request
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Indra Trisna
Indra Trisna
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