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English Language and Grammar - Adverbs

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Adverbs modify verbs in the same way as adjectives modify nouns.

In fact, one common way to make adverbs is to add 'ly' to an adjective and this is the first lesson in this course.

Adverbs add information about what is happening.

They also modify adjectives and other adverbs.

The course continues with relative, comparative and superlative adverbs. 

We then look at adverbs that are used to ask questions.

Finally, we look at different kinds of adverbs, namely adverbs of:







viewpoint and


The course project

As mentioned in the course, please avoid overusing adverbs. It is often considered a poor writing style.

In the following sentences, underline the adverb(s) and then think about how you could replace the underlined adverb and additional word with a better word or phrase.

Here is an example to show you what I mean.

Tom ran quickly to the bus stop.

If we underline the adverb, we get: Tom ran quickly to the bus stop.

Underlining the other word (in this case, a verb) as well gives us: Tom ran quickly to the bus stop.

We can replace 'ran quickly' with 'sprinted', which then gives us: Tom sprinted to the bus stop.

Now it's your turn! Don't forget: adverbs can also modify adjectives and adverbs as well!

Here are the test sentences for you to try:

  • Paul quickly ate his meal.
  • Emma was very happy when she got married.
  • Steve was very hungry during his diet.
  • Sandra strongly disliked her neighbours.
  • Sam very much likes eating pizza.

How did you manage? If you upload your answers to the project area, I will check your answers and give you feedback.

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