English Language and Grammar - Conditionals

English Language and Grammar - Conditionals

——   Created by Derek Smith

Zero, First, Second, Third and Mixed

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More about this course

This course is all about conditionals in the English language.

There are five in total, namely zero, first, second, third and mixed.

We will look at when to use each conditional, their format and give plenty of examples.

There are also PDF files that you can download and use offline.

When we look at these conditionals, you will see that specific tenses and aspects are used to form each conditional.

The course project

Please consider the following two similar sentences:

  • If we move here, we will buy a house.
  • If we moved here, we would buy a house.

The question is this: what is the difference between them?

Before you decide on an answer, check out the videos, in which the differences between the various conditional types are explained.

Please upload your answers to the project area and I will check them out and give you feedback.

6 Lessons

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Zero conditionals
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First conditional
Second conditional
Third conditional
Mixed conditional
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Hello, I'm Derek - a qualified and experienced English trainer.

I have an IT background and have been teaching English to adults for over 10 years

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