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English Language and Grammar - Conjunctions

——   Created by Derek Smith

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In this class, you will learn all about conjunctions.

Conjunctions are the words that join thing together. In this class, we look at three different sorts of conjunctions, namely:

  • coordinating conjunctions
  • subordinating conjunctions
  • correlative conjunctions

As usual, there is a class project for you to test your knowledge.

The course project

As you learned in the course, conjunctions are used to join things together.

These exercises are here for you to practise using conjunctions.

I'll show you what I mean with an example:

Anne's hair is long. Anne's hair is brown.

We can combine these two short sentences into one better one.

Anne's hair is long and brown.


Now it's your turn. If you upload your answers, I will give you correction and feedback.

There is usually more than one correct answer.

1. Sarah travels to work on the bus. So does Caroline.

2. Paul is 1.75m tall. John is also 1.75m tall.

3. Peter was hungry. He ordered a pizza.

4. Andy has a high IQ. Tom's IQ is just as high.

5. I like maths. I also like chemistry.

6. Jim was careless. He fell off the ladder.

7. Steven doesn't like wine. He doesn't like beer.

8. You can have a starter. You can have a dessert. You can't have both.

9. Phil likes rice a lot. He likes pasta just as much.

10. Nigel hates his job. His boss treats him badly.

4 Lessons

2 mins
6 mins
Coordinating conjunctions
4 mins
Subordinating conjunctions
3 mins
Correlative conjunctions

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Derek Smith
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