Entrepreneurship Development 101: Startup your new Venture

Understand Entrepreneurship. Learn what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. A practical oriented course for global students

2h 12m of on-demand video

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  • Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid (Veteran). M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD
    Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid (Veteran). M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD

    Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid (Veteran). M-Tech, MBA(Fin), CE, FIE(I), PhD

  • Biography

     Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid is an Army veteran and a mechanical engineer with over 38 years of experience. Qualified as a post graduate engineer coupled with a masters degree in financial management, a PhD and a passion for teaching he continues to be a learner. He is also a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) and a Chartered Engineer. Apart from academic qualifications and several specialized Army courses, his versatile experience in understanding people across a wide spectrum will add to the value of his lectures. Retired from the Army in 2020, he now pursues his passion for teaching and manages a small consultancy firm called PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants of which he is the founder.

    Instructor's belief:

    Knowledge is the only instrument of production which is not subject to diminishing returns.

    An investment in knowledge gives consistent returns throughout life, and then to the next generation.

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    Course content

    3 mins
    Promo of entrepreneurship
    4 mins
    free preview
    7 mins
    Who is an entrepreneur
    9 mins
    The criteria of entrepreneurship
    7 mins
    The common task of every entrepreneur
    free preview
    8 mins
    The vicious cycle of poverty
    7 mins
    What does an entrepreneur achieve
    free preview
    8 mins
    Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise - The theory
    10 mins
    Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise - Live example
    17 mins
    The conceptual model of entrepreneurship
    free preview
    12 mins
    Five core elements of Entrepreneurship - Part 1
    8 mins
    Five core elements of Entrepreneurship - Part 2
    6 mins
    Is Maya Devi an entrepreneur...
    8 mins
    Is Jacob an entrepreneur...
    7 mins
    Is Jennet an entrepreneur...
    18 mins
    Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Manager

    What you'll learn

    In today's environment, many of us want to be entrepreneurs and launch our startups. But do we ever try to find out as to what qualities or traits are required to be an entrepreneur and then look within us and evaluate whether or not we have those qualities and traits.

    Entrepreneurship development is one of the most simple but unfortunately also the least understood subject of management or an MBA course. We tend to read the theory without correlating it with the practical aspects and then we memorize the exam related theory and also pass the exams. But that does not serve the purpose in real life.

    In this course, hosted by PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants, Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid has explained in a very lucid manner...the theory as well as the practical aspects of entrepreneurship.

    On completion of this course, you will not automatically become an entrepreneur but I can assure you that you will know what an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship and enterprise means in the true sense and you will also be able to evaluate your own self whether you have it in you. And just in case you don’t have those traits, you would know that you need to develop them before you launch your own enterprise or a startup. And if you are learning this only for the purpose of an academic exam, then you will not only be able to face your exam in a better way but a clear understanding of the subject will help you put into practice the learning in your professional career.

    Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid is an Army veteran with four decades of experience. He is a post graduate mechanical engineer, An MBA in finance, a Chartered Engineer, a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) and a doctorate in management. He manages his own small consultancy firm called PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants and he pursues his passion for teaching. 

    The instructor knows the subject well and speaks to the point without any frills or divergence thus, respecting the value of time.