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ESP32 + Arduino Interfacing: A Step by Step Course

——   Created by Ashraf Said

A Different IoT Power and Performance, Use ESP32 microcontroller to MAKE IoT projects to unleash your creativity

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IoT is the next big thing in technology. It's not enough to simply create one project anymore, you have to create multiple projects. ESP32 microcontrollers are the next step in IoT development because they are powerful for IoT projects and can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any other board.

So, If you are into IoT (Internet of Things), you might have heard of ESP32 Board with built-in WiFi. If not, do not worry.

This course will teach you everything in a step-by-step manner, you will learn what is ESP32 and how the ESP32 Arduino pair can be used in your IoT Projects.

The ESP32 board is a nifty little device that has enabled tinkerers to connect their projects to the internet at a very reasonable cost. It is one of the easiest methods of adding Wifi functionalities to your Arduino. Just to remind you, Wifi is only one of many communication protocols. There are many other ways of wirelessly communicating with an Arduino. However, wifi is simple, everyone understands it, and it’s accessible.

Why you should take this course?

  • Learn the ESP32 Microcontroller and Arduino
  • Learn Microcontrollers with MicroPython
  • Use the ESP32 to build Internet of Things projects from scratch
  • Learn how to use the ESP32 microcontroller in order to unleash your creativity.
  • Get a step-by-step course that will teach you the basics of interfacing ESP32 with Arduino.
  • Learn how to build your own IoT projects using the ESP32.
  • The course is designed for beginners, so no prior knowledge of IoT or electronics is needed.
  • These are not just projects but are also learning modules that are meant to be used as a guide for creating your own projects and learning through experimentation and exploration.

Why should we interface the ESP32 Board with Arduino?

Today we communicate with each other using mobile phones, which is wireless communication device. It helps us to communicate with our friends at any place and at any time. How about sharing data to a machine from a distance wirelessly. It is possible by using this ESP32. The crux of the matter is accessibility. The current trends in the IoT sector ask for control over the internet. And Wifi is a leading facilitator of that feature.

Arduino Interfacing with ESP32 board will help increase the number of I/O points that you can use in your project + you will get to use the power of Arduino Libraries and Support in creating a state of the art project then connect it to the internet via ESP Board

At the end of this course, you can create Innovative IoT Projects. The only thing that you need to do is THINKING, WIRING & CODING.

17 Lessons

Introduction & Getting Started
5 mins
6 mins
Who We Are?
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Hardware and Software Requirements
3 mins
Hardware and Software Requirements
4 mins
What Is MQTT and Why We Need It
4 mins
Create MQTT Server Account
5 mins
What is ESP32
10 mins
ESP 32 Pinout v1 DOIT
ESP8266 Download and Install Arduino ESP and USB Driver
7 mins
ESP8266 Download and Install Arduino ESP and USB Driver
5 mins
ESP32 v1: Download and Install Arduino Development Environment
Arduino Coding
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