Everyone Can Draw Magic Effects With Watercolor

——   Created by Comic Black Rainbow

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Hey, cuties, I am Comic black rainbow, I am a visual creator, and anime drawing educator.

Watercolor is magic between pigment and water that creates images and other painting techniques can’t present it. The characteristic is so varied and difficult to control so that we have to understand how to control the mastery of the water.

In this class, you’ll learn how to make multiple effects use with watercolor! It is great for beginners who never paint with watercolor or who are not familiar with painting watercolor!!! Or you want to know how to control water and learn some tips with watercolor, it’s suited for you!!! It’s not difficult so you just take easy, come into the class and learn something back!!!

I will demonstrate various wet color and effect techniques to you. After you learn those skills, I will demonstrate how to draw a painting with those techniques so that you will know how and when you can use those skills to paint. And I will give you a topic is landscape painting, you can paint a landscape painting with those techniques you learn for this class!!!

In the end, don’t be shy to share your landscape painting in the Project Gallery of this class to inspire others after you finish the practice! Again, thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see your work with the techniques you learn from this class!

The course project

Cuties, you will learn wet color and effect techniques of watercolor in this class. So in order to let you catch the course materials and content more quickly and clearly, I list my supplies, reference and the techniques here

Supplies: (You can use your favorite supplies, below I mentioned the brands I used)

  • Watercolor Paint(SIMBALION watercolors)
  • Watercolor Paper (I used SONG JWU R70 Japan watercolor paper)
  • ARTAM 199R finest synthetic #12
  • Edinburgh realism E-036 series #080 & #050
  • Renoir C10 RESABLE PRO #2 & #6
  • No.11-2 DRAWELL Golden Nylon handmade Japan #3/0
  • Paper towels
  • Paint palette
  • Water
  • Masking Fluid
  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Sponge
  • White gouache or optional white pen

Reference pictures and links:


The techniques in this class:

  1. Wet color
  2. Graded wash
  3. Wet on wet
  4. Drop color on wet
  5. Hard and soft edges
  6. Lift or feather out
  7. Halo effect

Effect techniques:

  1. Salt on watercolor
  2. Alcohol
  3. Flowing
  4. Splatter
  5. Masking Fluid
  6. Cover with white
  7. Wipe out
  8. Paint with sponge

Music: TRow — (Acoustic guitar arrangement for song) License: CC BY-SA 3.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

Congratulations!!! Now, you know how to draw watercolor with wet color and effect techniques, you can practice painting something with those skills!!! This time the topic is landscape painting. If you finish it, share it with the world!!! And don’t be shy to share your final result in the Project Gallery of this class to inspire your classmates! I am so happy you watch this class and learn something from it!!! In the end, thank you for watching my class, I can't wait to see your beautiful illustration!

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Wet color
Effect technique
Landscape painting
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Hey, cuties!! I am Comic black rainbow. I am a visual creator. As a freelancer, I am also a graphic designer and Cartoon & Anime painting educator. My work includes video, graphic design, and painting. If you are interested in cartoon and anime drawing, you can check my blog for …

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