Excel Cash Course on Personal Finance

——   Created by Prakash Prasad

Simplifiying Personal Finance using Excel

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3h 35m
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More about this course

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It's a powerful data visualization and analysis tool. Excel course on personal finance can help you track your monthly budget by income and expenses.

Woudn't it be great if can can view, calculate and visulize your personal finanace using Excel?

Please answer these questions before you begin the course...

  • Have you ever received many credit card offers and was wondered which ones to go for?
  • Have you ever wandered why some people are so rich?
  • Have you ever felt confused when an investment product was explained to you?
  • Have you ever thought how to plan my expenditure and cash flows?
  • Have you ever had someone taking about retirement savings and you were stressed out?
  • Have you ever been out of money?
  • Have you been utterly confused with the personal finance jargon or terms?
  • Have you ever dream of having financial abundance?
  • Have you ever felt the urge to be your own personal financial planner?
  • Have you ever wondered why my value of money is going down or things are becoming expensive?
  • Have you ever though of consulting a Investment Psychologist (Personal Finance Planner) but couldn't afford their fees?
  • Have you ever though to be Financially Independent?
  • Have you ever though why loan / credit is so expensive / costly?
  • Have you ever had difficulty in understanding math behind personal finance?

If your answer to most of the above questions is YES! Then this is the Course for you!

Why Personal Finance is so difficult?

  • Schools don't Teach you to Manage your Money!
  • 9 out of 10 people think that Financial Goals seems impossible to reach, Understanding Money is So HARD, Spending Today is Good (tons of Debt), Investing is TOUGH, Always out of Budget, Don't know how to get rid of financial hardship (stress), Confused with choices.
  • No one us told about Power of Compounding
  • No one taught us to manage our expenses
  • No one taught us the math of personal finance - The RIGHT & EASY way!
  • No one taught us to Do-it-Yourself of Personal Finance and Investing

What you'll learn

  • Manage your money EASILY.
  • Learn Complete hands-on (practical) ways to deal with money
  • How to save money: Make sensible decisions on money
  • Save More ... Invest More
  • Bullet-Proof Personal Finance Tips to Manage and Save More Money
  • The time value of money - Why Time is MOST IMPORTANT
  • How to judiciously spend on credit and credit cards
  • How MONEY works for YOU
  • Risk Profile and Investment Profiles
  • Secretes of Top Investor like Warren Buffet
  • Plan Specific FINANCIAL GOAL
  • Master Personal Financial Planning
  • Understand Monthly HOUSE HOLD Budget
  • Know your NET WORTH
  • Understand and Manage your Personal Cash Flow
  • How Do you track expenses?
  • Do you know what erodes your money?
  • Do you have enough insurance cover?
  • Do you have enough money.. TO SUSTAIN?
  • Will you be able to manage if you are out of job or business for 6 months?
  • Know where to INVEST your money
  • Understand NEED, DREAM and ASPIRATIONS
  • How to pick a bank or credit card, or insurance?
  • Risk-Reward Relationship
  • Is it worth to repay the loan earlier than the loan tenure?
  • Double, Triple, Quadruple your MONEY with the SIMPLE and EASY CALCULATION
  • Psychology of Investing: BEHAVIORAL FINANCE
  • How to Identify & INVEST in right stocks : IMPORTANT RATIOS
  • Power of COST-AVERAGING and COMPOUNDING: Mutual Fund (SIP)
  • 12 Benefits of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
  • 4 Cost Associated with Real Estates
  • 7 Types of Investments: Real Estates
  • 13 Costly Mistakes to AVOID while Investing in REAL ESTATES
  • 5 Ways to Invest in GOLD
  • 5 Risk of Investing in BONDS and one Should Know about it
  • 12 Important Points to Remember while investing into CRYPTOCURRENCY like Bitcoin
  • 3 Ways to Invest into PRIVATE EQUITY
  • 10 Commandments On Investing
  • 6 Assets that make people RICH
  • 6 Credit Card Mistakes to AVOID
  • 10 Ways not to be a Credit cards defaulter
  • DIY (Do-it-Yourself): Personal Financial Plan
  • 15 Things To Stop Spending Money on.
  • Credit Score v/s Credit Report
  • How to obtain Credit Report?
  • 7 Ways to repair your credit history
  • 10 Pro Money Tips
  • 12 Money Apps that you should try (Free & Paid)

Disclaimer: The information provided in this course should not be used as financial advise or recommendation, neither it should be viewed as a financial promotional or affiliation tool or advertisement nor it supports or endorse any tools or company illustrated throughout the course, should not be substituted for consulting a financial advisor, planner or allied professional in the applicable jurisdictions. This course outline the broad road map to manage your personal finance using Excel. The author or arbington disclaim the liability or any damage, risk, loss or obligations incurred directly or indirectly. The situation is dynamic and can change anytime due to various factors. The author is directly or indirectly or otherwise is not under obligation, risk or liability due to use of information given in this course.

The course project

Note: Ms-Excel (Microsoft Excel) 2007 or above recommended (Windows / Mac) for the projects.

Please use Mac Version for Mac PC/Laptop & Windows Version for Windows PC/Laptop(win7 and above recommended).

There are multiple class projects which are included in the exercise demo. Please download only one exercise at a time (this will help you to understand and practice one concept at a time).

Exercise - 1: Understand your Net Worth – Exercise

Exercise - 2: Calculate & Plan Expenses – Exercise

Exercise - 3: Design your own House Hold Budget – Exercise

Exercise - 4: Cash Flow Planning – Exercise

Exercise - 5: Learn various rules of personal finance - try it out! (No exercise file - please refer demos)

Exercise - 6: Time Value / Specific goal planning  – Exercise

Exercise - 7: Magical Rock Star Expense Planner (Power to you!)  – Exercise

Please Refer the resources section for excercise files.

12 Lessons

Excel Crash Course on Personal Finance - An Overview
free preview
Section 1 Smart Goals, Net Worth, House Hold Budget, & Cash flow analysis
Section 2 Rules of personal finance: The easy maths without Calculator!
Section 3 Awesome! Behavioral finance
Section 4 Risk Profiling & Asset allocation
Section 5 Foundations of investments & investment products
Section 6 Financial planner & robo advisory
Section 7 Specific goal planning & time value of money
Section 8 Credit, loan facilities
Section 9 Learn to be a rock star expense planner
free preview
Section 10 Crash course on credit rating credit score credit report
Section 11 ten pro tips to manage your personal finance well : apps tools
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