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Excel Dashboard

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In this advanced Excel course, we look at how to create stunning, interactive dashboards in Excel.


A dashboard is a great way to visualize your data. An interactive dashboard allows you to change what results you see at the click of a button. In this in-depth course, we look at how to prepare your data for analysis, some essential formulas you’ll need to help you create dashboards in Excel, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Form Controls and so much more.


Finally, we take you through how to combine all those skills to create a Sales Dashboard and an HR Dashboard in two, end of course projects.


If you need to analyze and present data in Excel, then this course will show you step-by-step how to create jaw-dropping Excel dashboards that leave people wondering how you became that good in Excel! 


In this course you will learn:


●     About Dashboard architecture and inspiration

●     How to prepare data for analysis (cleaning data)

●     Useful formulas for creating dashboards in Excel

●     How to create and edit Pivot Tables in Excel

●     How to create Pivot Charts from Pivot Tables

●     Advanced chart techniques in Excel

●     How to add interactive elements (form controls) into your dashboards

●     How to create a Sales Dashboard from scratch

●     How to create an HR Dashboard from scratch

77 Lessons

Section 1: Course Introduction
3 mins
Introduction to Excel Dashboards
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2 mins
Course Exercise Files
free preview
4 mins
Spreadsheet Architecture
free preview
Section 2: Dashboard Setup
6 mins
Dashboard Design Inspiration and Resources
Section 3: Design Inspiration
6 mins
Why Clean Data?
Section 4: Preparing Data for Analysis
6 mins
Remove Blanks and Duplicates
8 mins
Use Text Functions to Clean Data
6 mins
Find and Replace
5 mins
Convert Numbers Stored as Text to Numbers
5 mins
Spell Check
10 mins
Format Data
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Simon Sez IT
Simon Sez IT
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