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Excel for Business Analysts

——   Created by Simon Sez IT

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7h 14m
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Microsoft Excel remains one of the best tools for Data Analysis. In this course, we focus on the specific functions, formulas, and tools that Excel has to help conduct business or data analysis.


We start by looking at how to take raw data and clean it so it’s in a usable format. After that, we look at a number of tools and functions that can be used to conduct analysis before moving onto how to display data in the most meaningful way. Finally, we move onto some more advanced techniques designed to aid forecasting and using existing data to predict future trends.


This course also includes practice exercises so you can immediately put into practice the new data analysis techniques that you learn.


In this course you will learn:


●     How to merge data from different sources using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, and XLOOKUP

●     How to use IF, IFS, IFERROR, SUMIF, and COUNTIF to apply logic to your analysis

●     How to split data using text functions SEARCH, LEFT, RIGHT, MID

●     How to standardize and clean data ready for analysis

●     About using the PivotTable function to perform data analysis

●     How to use slicers to draw out information

●     How to display your analysis using Pivot Charts

●     All about forecasting and using the Forecast Sheets

●     Conducting a Linear Forecast and Forecast Smoothing

●     How to use Conditional Formatting to highlight areas of your data

●     All about Histograms and Regression

●     How to use Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, and Solver to fill data gaps

53 Lessons

Section 1: Introduction
6 mins
Introduction to Business Analysis
free preview
13 mins
A Recap of Basic Formulas
free preview
Section 2: The Basics
9 mins
Absolute vs Relative Referencing
3 mins
Exercise 01
3 mins
Merging data from different sources
Section 3: Merging and Looking Up Data
11 mins
Looking up Information with VLOOKUP (Exact)
7 mins
Looking up information with VLOOKUP (Approx)
10 mins
How to use VLOOKUP with data that expands
13 mins
13 mins
Combining VLOOKUP and MATCH
18 mins
9 mins
Data Validation Lists with Lookups
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