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Eyebrow Microblading

——   Created by Kristina Bagrova

From A to Z steps of performing eyebrow microblading treatment, accredited certificate possibility

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Possibility of additional accredited certificate

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For the certificate you will have to download, print out and complete paper templates first and send the photos. Later we will proceed with the fake skin and live models, I will let you know when you are ready according to your work.

Please don't try to cheat and send fake or stolen work because it will not be accepted. I am giving up my free time in order to help and guide you so that you can improve and it is really frustrating when some students are honest and want a sincere feedback and some of them try to cheat the system.

In this course we will look into theory and practice of the eyebrow microblading treatment. We will make an overview of the tools and materials needed for the treatment, how practice the techniques and how to work with the client; draw the eyebrow shape and microblade them. You will be able to download the practice sheets to improve your skills.

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2 mins
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Theroy Explained
2 mins
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2 mins
Some History
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4 mins
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4 mins
General Rules
7 mins
Work Area Layout
2 mins
Dermatology- Epidermis
2 mins
Dermatology 2
4 mins
8 mins
Colour Durability
5 mins
Client Dossier
2 mins
Example of Client Dossier
6 mins
4 mins
Microblading Techniques
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About the instructor

Kristina  Bagrova

Hello, my name is Kristina Bagrova and I come from Lithuania. I am a certified beautician specialized in permanent makeup and at the time of …

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