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The Ultimate Face Makeup Masterclass For Makeup Beginners

——   Created by Sarah Ee

Learn All About Makeup Application for a Flawless Face - Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Contour, Bronzer and Highlighter!

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1h 44m
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This class is perfect for makeup beginners, or for a quick refresher on makeup application. It covers tips and tricks on these topics, including video demonstrations for application: 

1. Primer 

  • How to choose a primer for your skin type

2. Foundation 

  • How to choose foundations for your skin type
  • Tips on shade matching
  • How to prevent foundation separation
  • Tips of choosing a tool for foundation application 
  • Differences between foundation and concealer 
  • Tips of applying foundation on dry skin 
  • Tips of applying foundation on oily skin 

3. Concealer

  • Differences in application of concealer for spots and dark undereye circles
  • Trick to see if a concealer will crease under the eyes

4. Demonstrations of application and tips 

  • Primer 
  • Foundation (using both a brush and a sponge)
  • Bronzer (both cream and powder)
  • Contour (both cream and powder)
  • Blush (both cream and powder)
  • Highlight (both cream and powder)
  • Setting your make up 

I tried my best to think about the main issues people face when it comes to applying makeup to the face and decided to put up mini tutorials regarding each topic. I hope this helps! There really isn't any order to watch the videos, so you can pick and choose which area you would like help in, or watch it all :)

Thank you so much for your support and I really hope that you learn something from these videos! 

The course project

Now that you're better equipped with the knowledge of applying makeup to the face and ensuring that it lasts all day, it's your turn to show me your works of art! 

1. Download the Face masterclass checklist and Face makeup products checklist (attached!) to ensure that you have all the necessary products for a complete face makeup application. 

2. Take a picture of your favourite face makeup products and upload them here! This way, we can all share recommendations and expose ourselves to brands that we may not be aware about. 

3. Take your beautiful selfie (like the one above!) after you have completed all the steps! I would love to see it and we can review it together too, if you would like me to. 

Please do let me know if you have any questions/comments and if you need help with any other issue, write them in the comments! I could make more videos addressing those issues and insert them into this class. Thank you! 

17 Lessons

2 mins
Class Introduction & Topics Covered
free preview
11 mins
How to Choose Primers for Your Skin Type
13 mins
How to Choose a Foundation
7 mins
How to Choose a Foundation Brush (vs Sponge)
3 mins
How to Prevent Foundation Separation
5 mins
How to Apply Foundation for Dry Skin
4 mins
How to Apply Foundation for Oily Skin
2 mins
Powder before Foundation Technique
4 mins
Differences between foundation and concealer
5 mins
How to Choose Concealers
9 mins
Demo : Foundation Application
free preview
15 mins
Demo: Application of Concealer (for Dark Eye Circles and Pimples)
8 mins
Demo: Application of Bronzer
9 mins
Demo: Application of Contour
6 mins
Demo : Application of Blush
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Sarah Ee
Sarah Ee
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Hi everyone, I'm Sarah! I'm a certified yoga teacher, ex freelance makeup artist, and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able …

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