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Facebook Advertising Hacks, Tricks, and Tips

——   Created by Austin Luliano

How To Save Money And Get Massive Results

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2h 37m
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In this Facebook advertising training, you will learn the exact secrets I have used to generate massive results spending as little as $1 per day. We will go step by step to set up your first advertising campaign, know exactly what to track and what to create, and how to save money.

The course project

Create your first advertisement, take screenshots of your targeting and results after 3 days of running the ad. Send to [email protected] and have me evaluate them.

24 Lessons

5 mins
Navigating Facebook power editor
free preview
4 mins
Facebook tracking pixel
free preview
16 mins
Custom audience
5 mins
Interest based targeting
3 mins
Retargeting current customers
2 mins
Finding new audiences that mimics your current audience
5 mins
Custom conversions
4 mins
How big of an audience should I target
6 mins
The perfect Facebook post
15 mins
Creating your first ad
4 mins
AB testing ads
2 mins
Automated rules
5 mins
Create amazing ads (without being a designer)
4 mins
What metrics to track
2 mins
Relevancy score
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good lessons, good tips, good exercises. I'm really learning

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Austin Luliano
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Hello, I'm Austin. I am a social media consultant, keynote speaker, and influencer. I have built an extended audience of over 1 million followers in …

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