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Facebook & Instagram Ads

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Setting Up Effective Facebook & Instagram Ads

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In this course you will learn step by step how to setup effective Facebook and Instagram Ads that will generate sales and leads. We will teach you how to set up custom audiences who will buy your products and services. Then you will learn how to setup ads that will get you the maximum exposure but you will pay only when the potential customer either visit your website or give you their contact information. From then on you will stop wasting your money on money and energy on Facebook Ads that don’t work and you will start creating ads with measurable results.


By the end of the course participants will be able:

• Setup audiences that are really interested about your product or services

• Create Facebook and Instagram ads that will only pay for the website visitors and not impressions. (Traffic Ads)

• Create Facebook and Instagram Ads that will get you leads (Leads Ads)

• Create Facebook Ads that will generate massive Facebook Page Followers (Page Likes Ads)

• Know the different charges of Facebook ads and choose the right type for each advertisement.

• Know what to avoid so you will stop spending money on useless ads.

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It you!

Adonis Anastasiou as a self-made entrepreneur started in 1999 from zero, actually with a negative bank balance and no other support, and he manage to …

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