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Feel Fuller With Fewer Calories

——   Created by Alka Chopra

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2h 43m
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This course is a roadmap to teach you how to make smart food choices, feel full and satisfied all day. By the end of the course you will own all the tools to help you feel your best all day long. You will not feel hungry at any time during the day. 

The course project

Make a list of 10 foods that are high energy density & low satiety - choose foods that you eat on a regular basis. Come up with appropriate substitutions and begin to replace. Record how you feel and share in the group. 

14 Lessons

3 mins
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4 mins
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6 mins
Role of hormones
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24 mins
Concept of satiety and fullness
17 mins
Fibre fiction
10 mins
Fibre containing foods
16 mins
How to choose low ED high satiety foods
6 mins
9 mins
Fats and carbs
11 mins
29 mins
Meal patterns and other factors
18 mins
Putting it all together
10 mins
Filling foods
9 mins
Mindful eating

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Alka  Chopra
Alka Chopra
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Hi there! My name is Alka and by training I am a dietitian. And I simply love painting and crafting. I can spend hours in …

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