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Figma Bootcamp 2: Learn UI Design: Effective Landing Pages

——   Created by Brian White

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Give yourself an edge in the UI design world by learning the basics of setting up a successful landing page. You'll quickly create a new landing page composition with strong imagery in Figma (or XD). Learn how to make consistent design decisions to make an attractive page. We'll look at negative space and utilize minimal navigation to keep the image and text forefront. We'll also create a unique but user friendly gallery navigation (UX). 

I've broken each design sprint into separate videos. This class also has a bonus video (sped up) on how to shift your dark design into a light design with new content. This Figma class will give you the tools to launch your User Interface Career. 

This class dives into these breakout sessions:

  1. Introduction, setup, spacing, icons, 
  2. Initial layout, more spacing work, main image drop in, and base menu layout
  3. Image tricks, gradients, and menu components
  4. Typography, social links, detail work on gallery selection, preview images.. the finish!
  5. Bonus: View shift changes in original layout into "Super Tubes" white surf version. 


The course project

Design your own landing page and share with the class.

Don't be shy I want to see what you come up with! For every class project posted I will drop your name in a bucket and choose a winner for a BWD prize pack at the end of next month. 

Follow Brian's process to quickly build out an effective landing page. Some questions to look at during your build:

  • What parts of the page is your eye drawn to?
  • Are there more questions you would like answered? 
  • What interactive colors do you prefer? 

Wherever you are in the process, share your work, and questions here. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 



5 Lessons

7 mins
Setup, Initial Layout, and Icons
18 mins
Layout, Spacing, Images, and Menus
18 mins
Image Tricks, Gradients, and Components
14 mins
Typography, Details, and the Finish
5 mins
Spin Off Landing Page in White

About the instructor

Brian  White
Brian White
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Brian is the creative director of Brian White Design in Lawrence. He directs the studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as senior designer …

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